Reminder about private fostering

Bradford Council wants to raise awareness among parents, carers, schools and health professionals of what private fostering means, what action people who are privately fostering need to take and what action professionals who are aware of a private fostering arrangement must take. .

The law states that a private fostering arrangement is:
o Anyone caring for somebody else’s child who is not a close relative of the child. A close relative is a guardian, grandparent, uncle, aunty, brother, sister or step-relative.
o Where the arrangement is expected to last more than 28 days.
o Where the child or young person is under the age of 16, or 18 if the young person has a disability.
The Council needs to know about children and young people in these types of arrangements as they are potentially vulnerable as they are not living with their parents.

The law around private fostering was strengthened following the Victoria Climbié Inquiry Report. Victoria Climbié was a child who was abused and murdered after being placed with her father’s great aunt. This arrangement would by definition have been considered as private fostering. The change in the law was important as it puts stronger safeguards in place for the child.
Private fostering is significantly under reported. Out of the estimated 10,000 children in private fostering arrangements, local authorities know of about 2,000. The Council needs to assess and identify any support these children may need to keep them safe and well.
Action people should take includes:
Parents and carers must let the Council know if they are setting up a private fostering arrangement.
Teachers, health and other professionals must contact the Council about a private fostering arrangement that comes to their attention if they don’t think the arrangement has been or will be reported.
Members of the public should contact the Council if they are aware or suspect that a child is living in a private fostering arrangement that hasn’t been reported to the Council.
Private foster carers must contact the Council so that essential welfare checks can take place to make sure that the child or young person receives the right support.
To report a private fostering arrangement contact Children's Initial Contact Point at Sir Henry Mitchell House on 01274 437500.  The contact point will be able to advise private foster cares, parents and professionals of what they need to do, give further information and answer any queries about private fostering.
More information is available online in the Children’s Social Care section of the Council’s website.


Published: 10/07/2015
Audience: Everyone
Contact: Children's Initial Contact Point on 01274 437500

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