Early Years Pupil Premium - PLEASE UPLOAD YOUR RETURN

The deadline for submission of parental information to check eligiblity for the Early Years Pupil Premium is this Thursday (21st May).


Here is a reminder of how to claim the EYPP.

As previously advised, the documents relating to Early Years Pupil Premium for schools in the maintained sector can be found on the Finance Section of BSO or by clicking the names of the documents below:

Presentation to Business Managers



Eligibility Data Collection



In order to claim the EYPP you need to complete the following steps:

  • Display the EYPP poster to explain the funding to parents.
  • Give all parents an EARLY YEARS PUPIL PREMIUM - VOLUNTARY REGISTRATION FORM (Parental Form on the link above) to complete to gather the information to check their eligibility.
  • Collate the information of all parents who have provided their details to be checked on the Eligibility Data Collection spreadsheet.
  • Upload the spreadsheet securely to BSO via the Postbox application by folowing this link and clicking on the Early Years Pupil Premium folder   https://bso.bradford.gov.uk/Secure/postbox/


Uploaded, completed forms will then be securely downloaded by Early Childhood Services and sent to the national checker to establish the eligibility of each child entered.  Please note if both parents have completed the form with all 3 key pieces of information (i.e. Surname, Date of Birth, NI number) please enter them both on the spreadsheet with the child's name next t each parent but with the number of hours they attend only next to one.  This will mean both parents will be checked jus in case they are not being recognised as a family by the national checker.


If you have already uploaded the spreadsheet but need to resubmit with additional children, please upload the whole document again not simply the additional children to ensure we have the whole list from each school.


In the interests of Data Protection please DO NOT return these forms by any other method.  This is the only process by which funding will be made for schools - please do not use the Free School Meals Checker or the 2 Year Old Checker for this purpose as this will not trigger a payment and the eligibility criteria for the free early education for 2 year olds is not the same as that of Early Years Pupil Premium.  Each checker is only to be used for the specific purpose.  A number of schools have also been returning the completed parental forms to the Free Schools Meals team - these forms should be retained in schools and nothing should be sent to the Free Schools Team as they are not linked to funding for the EYPP.


Payments will be made in line with the usual Early Education adjustment payments in September but you will receive notice of which children are eligible via the dropbox on BSO next month.


If you have any problems / questions, please email adele.baines@bradford.gov.uk


EYPP Marketing Posters

There are still a number of posters available. The posters are also currently being translated into Polish, Slovak and Urdu.  If any schools have not managede to pick up an English poster, would like some additional copies or are interested in receiving a number of the translated posters, please once again contact Adele Baines.


Published: 19/05/2015
Audience: School Business Managers in primary schools with nursery classes
Contact: Adele Baines

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