EYFSP Exception returns 2015

An exception report needs to be completed if the following apply and a child is not completing the EYFSP assessment. See Section 2 of ARA document 2015 below.

EYFSP Exception returns 2015

Completing the EYFS profile

Practitioners must complete the EYFS profile for each child who will be 5 years old on or before Monday 31 August 2015 unless:

1.  the Secretary of State has granted an exemption from the profile for the setting

2.  the child is continuing in EYFS provision beyond the year in which they turn 5

3.  the child has arrived from abroad less than 2 weeks before the profile submission deadline (18/19 June 2015) and so an accurate and valid assessment can't be completed

4.  the child has spent the majority of the academic year away from the setting, for example, due to illness or medical treatment.


Click here to view 2015 Deferrments for the profile.  Please read the attached, complete the report and return as detailed by Friday 12 June 2015.


Published: 28/04/2015
Audience: EYFS Leads and Reception Teachers
Contact: Dulcie Leach

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