Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Payments

CRC Payments have now ended.

In previous years schools have been included in the annual Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Report complied by Bradford Council which is submitted to the government. The report identified the amount of energy/fuel corporate buildings, including the schools, within the Bradford District use on an annual basis. This was then converted into tonnes of CO2 and is charged at £16.40 per tonne (known as carbon allowances). School were charged based on their energy usage at the end of each financial year.

However from April 2014 schools have been excluded under the Carbon Reduction Commitment, therefore this year there will be no additional charge to pay.


Guidance states “All State-funded schools in England are excluded from phase 2 of CRC.”


CRC Phase 2 started from 2014-15. If the establishment is established under the Education Act and is state funded it is excluded from CRC phase 2. That means Bradford Council will not report schools emissions for year 2014-15, hence no payments would be required from schools and nurseries  from  2015-16  onwards.


If you require further information please contact Naveed Raiz Utility Billing & CRC Reporting Officer. Tel 01274 431947 or email


Published: 21/04/2015
Audience: All School, Business / Finance Managers
Contact: Naveed Riaz

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