Radio 4 programme featuring Bowling Park

Sue Mitchell, who makes a dedicated Born in Bradford programme each year, has made a Radio4 programme "My World, My Class" which will be broadcast on Wednesday 22 April at 11.00 am.

The children are aged 7 in Year 3 at Bowling Park Primary, and some are in the BiB project.

Pupils used Samsung phones which were given for research. They worked with Sue, who taught the children how to use phones as recorders. They were also inspired by Ian Beesley, BiB artist, to use the phones as cameras and to take photos showing their lives, beginning with the food they eat. The collaboration will continue.

The programme gives great insights into life in Bradford (or any other big city with immigrant populations); what it is like to come to Britain not speaking English,  what it is like to be British born and making friends with children from round the world, what life is like with step-relatives and extended families. It is both funny and moving and a positive picture of life in Bradford.


Published: 15/04/2015
Audience: All
Contact: Communications Team

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