World Down Syndrome Day - Dispelling the myths

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Every year 21st March is world Down Syndrome day - the 21st day of the 3rd month signifying the 3 chromosones on the 21st pair. We are currently delivering assemblies helping to raise awareness of the condition.

Just kids - who happen to have Down Syndrome dispelling the myths

One in approximately every 800 people are born with Down Syndrome and we still do not know why.
We do know that the chances of conceiving a child with Down Syndrome increases with age but many babies are born to younger mothers simply because more babies are generally born to mothers in their 20s to 30s rather than mothers in their 40s.
It is something that “just happens” at the moment of conception; as the sperm meets the egg to fuse and create a new human an additional chromosome hangs onto the 21st pair creating a first cell with 47 rather that the typical 46 chromosones. The cells divide and the baby develops and every cell in the baby has an additional chromosome. It's as simple as that.
It is this common thread that gives people with Down Syndrome their distinguishable features; though first and foremost they look, as all children do, like their mothers, fathers and siblings.
Every child with Down Syndrome is an individual with their own personality and abilities—just like any other child.  First and foremost they are just kids - just kids who happen to have Down Syndrome. Children with Down Syndrome have much potential and with a good inclusive education and opportunities to take part and develop skills, we know that they can achieve goals that were thought impossible not so many years ago.
For more information on the learning profile of a child with Down Syndrome follow the link here
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Published: 10/03/2015
Audience: school, health and social care
Contact: Wendy Uttley

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