Latest FFT Aspire Release

For more information on what is included in this release, please see below.

February release

This release brings some important new data and features into the system including:

  • New KS1 Pupil benchmark and target-setting Dashboard
  • New KS4 Subject Dashboards for self-evaluation (both LA and school versions)
  • New KS1 & KS2 additional subject indicators included in existing Self-Evaluation Dashboards
  • Subject ‘drill down’ facility to allow quicker and easier access between Summary Dashboards and Subject Dashboards
  • New front page ‘Overview’ report in LA and school Self-Evaluation Dashboards including attainment & achievement gauges, higher & lower performing schools/pupil groups and a grade distribution chart (KS4 Subject Dashboard only)
  • New FFT Rankings (1 to 100) for overall indicators (e.g. 5 A*-C inc Eng & Maths) and individual subjects (e.g. average grade or level)
  • New export files for download:
    • ‘Pupil details’ export file including full prior attainment history
    • KS1 Pupil Benchmarks export file
    • Inclusion of ‘fine levels’ in KS4 benchmarks export file
  • Updated Opportunities & Alerts indicators for all pupils in target setting reports
  • Additional support guides (including video guides) in ‘Help and Support’ section
  • Updated FFT Aspire training site

Next release (March 2015)

FFT plan to quickly follow up February’s release with an interim March release which will include:

  • Final KS1 data
  • Amended KS2 and KS4 data
  • Rollback to Autumn Census facility for schools importing pupil data – this facility was originally planned for February but is still undergoing final testing.  It will now be included in the March release.
  • Updated PDF Governor Dashboards – FFT had originally intended to produce two sets of dashboards in February and March.  However, given the relatively small gap between releases and because some LAs send out PDF dashboards to all schools FFT have decided to release one single PDF dashboard which includes all changes in March.  Schools can, of course, print out or export the individual reports that make up the dashboard if they require.

Additional information about FFT Aspire, including the latest release schedules and user reference guides are available here.


Published: 02/03/2015
Audience: All Head Teachers and FFT Users
Contact: Jonny Trayer

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