Reception Baseline updates

The Government intends to introduce a statutory baseline from September 2016 once the EYFSP is no longer compulsory.

  • Schools may choose to complete one of the approved models in September 2015. The choice includes a school’s decision as to how it wishes progress to be judged in 2022 for these children.
  • Selecting the model that meets the school’s needs and the school approach to assessment in the Early Years will be vital.

Websites and demos available indicate

  • Children sit with a teacher and complete a range of set tasks. Some are paper based and others require IT equipment.
  • One model is based on the current observation approach.

The scoring system information on one site indicates that the provider will forward data directly to the DfE. Further information has been requested whether this will happen in September 2015 or September 16.

Further information can be accessed here


Published: 26/02/2015
Audience: Headteachers and Early Years Teachers
Contact: Dulcie Leach

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