Understanding and Addressing Self Harm in Secondary Schools

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Schools are struggling to deal with rising numbers of students self-harming, two major teaching unions say.

The number of pupils hurting themselves is said to be at a high.

NHS figures obtained by BBC Newsbeat show a 20% rise in the number of 10 to 19-years-olds admitted to hospital because of self-harm injuries across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The government says it has asked experts to examine how to tackle self-harming and related issues in schools.

Course Aims

Learners who have self harm will be supported by confident, skilled staff who are able to respond sensitively to the needs of learners who self harm.


All learners will have information about self harm, including support and strategies which may help them to deal with their life challenges.



Content of the course:

Understanding and defining self harm

Research focus : Who self harms and why

Practical strategies to support learners who self harm

The role of specialist CAMHS and specialist CAMHS referrals

A school policy to address self harm



Published: 09/02/2015
Audience: Pastoral staff, Heads of Year, Form Tutors, Heads of House
Contact: Philippa Grace

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