Family Links Nurturing Training for school staff working with parents

Family Links Nurturing Programme helps schools to support parents to manage their children's behaviour and emotions more effectively.

Eighty schools in Bradford already succesfully deliver this programme, but there are gaps!  Train staff in your school to help parents by using an evidenced based programme.

Do you work with parents?

Do you have the capacity to run a 10 week positive parenting group in your school?

There are now 80 primaries trained in Family Links but there is a gap in parenting programme delivery for parents with children aged 5-11 yrs across Bradford.

Thus, we are looking at targeting primary school staff to offer the hugely successful Family Links’ Parent Group Leader Training, which is suitable for those working with parents/carers/families and who have the capacity to offer parenting courses within their setting.

The places are being offered free to your setting and the £800 fees will be paid on your behalf out of Parenting Early Intervention funding. 

In return you must commit to:

  • To attend and complete the 4 days training & 1 day refresher a year later
  • To deliver a minimum of 2 groups per academic year.
  • To work with partner schools to deliver where possible as 2 trained staff are required to be able to deliver the course.
  • To ensure that you can fund resources, refreshments and associated costs of running groups (Approx £200 per group).
  • Completing and returning the  course paperwork, monitoring information and an Outcome Star evaluation

Dates:       Day 1  - 22 April  2015  

                   Day 2 – 23 April 2015

                   Day 3 – 29 April 2015

                   Day 4 – 30 April 2015
Venue:      Fairfax house, Flockton Road, Bradford, BD4

Times:       8.45am – 4.30pm

Lunch:       Lunch and refreshments will be provided

Please note that failure to attend the training once booked on, and failure to deliver the programme as agreed will result in the £800 fees being recouped.

If you would like to take up this training offer or would like further information, please contact Eve Kelly-Gibson to arrange a meeting or discuss:  or  07582 100993


Published: 02/02/2015
Audience: Heads, Assistant Heads, Pastoral Leaders, Parental Involvement Workers, SENCo's
Contact: Eve KellyGibson

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