Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day with us

21st March is World Down Syndrome Day. We have put together a pack to help us raise awareness of the condition and funds for the work we do to support families and schools. We are also offering to deliver assemblies.

The 21st day of the third month, 21st March, each year is used to mark World Down Syndrome Day. People with Down syndrome have one extra chromosone on the 21st pair, they have 3 rather than 2, hence Trisomy 21.


We have put together a letter asking schools, organisations and businesses to have a go at doing something to mark the day and raise awareness and funds. Part of the letter explains a little bit about what Down syndrome is and how we like to refer to the condition - so we like to say children with Down syndrome rather than “Down syndrome child” which we believe reinforces the attitude that our children are first and foremost children who happen to have the condition and need to be seen as children first.

We also have a CD of resources which includes a poster, sponsor form, ideas to raise cash, labels for collecting tins/buckets and a PowerPoint should any school wish to deliver an assembly on what Down syndrome is. We are also offering to deliver free assemblies in schools.

letter and details



Published: 30/01/2015
Audience: schools, health centres, care centres, organisations working with children and young people
Contact: Wendy Uttley

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