Oral Health Survey of 5 Year Olds

An Oral Health Survey of 5 year olds throughout England is taking place in 2015.

Surveys conducted previously have suggested that there are significant inequalities in oral health between 5-year-old children in Bradford. It is important that we understand more about the oral health status of children in order to target prevention and treatment delivery. This is particularly relevant because of the impacts of dental decay, specifically dental pain and infection, time off school and having teeth taken out, often in hospital under general anaesthetic.

These surveys help us to plan interventions to improve the dental health of children and to monitor progress. The success of the surveys depends on your support at the relevant stage of the process and we would encourage you to take part and support this worthwhile needs assessment which will help to improve young children’s oral health.

The Strategic Director of Children’s Services, Michael Jameson has given his approval for the survey to proceed



Published: 20/01/2015
Audience: Headteachers
Contact: Debra Clavin, Salaried Dental Service

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