Ofsted Report - Overcoming Barriers: ensuring that Roma children...

Ofsted Report - Overcoming Barriers: ensuring that Roma children are fully engaged and achieving in education. A report released December 2014 regarding good practice when working with children of a Roma origin. (Document included for download)

Her Majesty's Chief Inspector commissioned this report following a meeting with a group of Sheffield Headteachers who identified a number of specific challenges in ensuring that Roma children attend regularly and do well in school.

The report summarises how three local authorities and 11 schools have been working to meet the needs of Roma children from Eastern Europe. It identifies key issues and barriers and provides case studies of good practice.

Headteachers reported that there had been no adverse effect on the achievement of other pupils already settled in their schools. However, they had found it difficult to access available funding for new pupils quickly enough.  There was also a shortage of staff with the relevant expertise to provide effective support to Roma pupils.

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Published: 14/01/2015
Audience: Headteachers, Senior Leadership Teams, EAL/NTE teachers
Contact: Stuart Brooke

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