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Paper payslips replaced with e-payslips

BMDC Payroll Services currently produce thousands of paper payslips but as with all council services we are exploring ways to make efficiencies whilst providing improved services to our existing customers and increase our ability to compete for business with other payroll providers in the open market.

As a result we will be phasing out paper payslip production and moving to on-line e-payslips for everyone whose pay is administered by Bradford Council Payroll Services.

This new service will also replace the existing payslip service available to all staff on the council’s computer network via ESS/MSS in order to provide all employees with the same facility.

The service has been developed to provide clearer pay details on a redesigned payslip and make it accessible from any location or device, including smart phones and tablets, with internet access.

As usual information security has been paramount in our planning and therefore we have developed a system that protects your personal information by utilising proven internet security. 

Users will be able to access the service via a link on Bradnet or on the council’s external website and log on and access their payslips by entering unique usernames, passwords and PIN numbers.

Not only will this provide access to payslips but also to P60 and P11D tax documents.

Further information will be provided soon along with instructions and guidance on how to access the system and we are also planning drop-in sessions around the district to support those employees who aren’t as comfortable with using computers or the internet.   


Published: 13/01/2015
Audience: All school based staff, including headteachers.
Contact: Andy Illingworth

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