School Tragedy in Peshawar, Pakistan - Message from Michael Jameson

Many of you will have heard about the tragedy that took place in the school in Peshawar, Pakistan, yesterday and some of your families may have been affected by this terrible event.

Some schools will have already mentioned it in their assemblies, joining in the grief of others at the loss of the lives of over 100 children and some of their teachers. Some families may have relatives or friends that are affected by this and some of our schools will have links with schools in Peshawar and may feel it more than others.

At a time when many will be celebrating with the season’s festivities it might be sensitive to give some time, perhaps a minute's silence, to reflect and share in the sorrow of those families affected by this tragic event.


Published: 17/12/2014
Audience: ALL
Contact: Director of Children's Services

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