RAISEonline Data management for Key Stage 4 now enabled

Data management allows the school administrator of RAISEonline to make changes to the underlying pupil data using the school’s own dataset.

The administrator can change at pupil level the grades for existing subjects and add qualifications. It is important to note that the full extent of qualification discounting has not been implemented within data management because of the complexity of developing an interactive reporting system.

Schools who wish to see grade changes will be required to change the grades of qualifications being counted in the already discounted qualification pathways for individual pupils. Discounting guidance can be found in the RAISEonline library.

Once these changes have been made, other school users can see the result in individual RAISEonline reports by switching to the school’s own data set using the drop down menu at the top of each interactive report. Some reports do not have the facility to switch to the school’s own data set and these include the following:

•           The Summary Report

•           First Entry Best Entry Report (KS4.FEBER)

•           Summary of Results by Subject (KS4.21)

•           Relative Performance Indicators by Subject (KS4.20)

•           Non Performance Tables Approved Qualification Report (KS4.NPTAQ)

•           Grade Distributions by Time of Entry (KS4.EENT)


Published: 12/12/2014
Audience: For All Secondary Headteachers, Senior Leadership Team and Data Managers
Contact: Jonny Trayer

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