Ofsted Music Curriculum Audit

Music is a statutory subject in schools and Music Education Hubs will help wherever possible.

Music is a statutory subject in schools and Music Education Hubs will help wherever possible.

Ofsted has tasked all Music Education Hubs, over the course of the next two years (October 2014 - July 2016), to visit schools and audit the delivery of music in the curriculum in all schools. We hope you will work with us to achieve this.

Bradford Music & Arts Service, as the Lead Organisation for the Bradford Music Education Hub, will be supporting schools in the following ways:

  • We have Primary and Secondary trained ASTs to assist on curriculum matters for schools who may need this support. We propose to work in collaboration with schools in order to both challenge and support improvement in music across the Bradford district.
  • Completion of a School Music Engagement Plan (SMEP) which was finalised with assistance from the Bradford Music Education Hub Board and is attached.
  • The National Plan for Music Education and the new National Curriculum have been combined in order to create a format for information gathering, through meetings with schools, in order to build on existing knowledge, audit current provision and assess developmental needs in all schools.

In order to start this process please complete and return the attached form  -  ‘Audit of Music Provision in Bradford”- a tool to help you assess your school’s current position and to help with plans for the future.  You should complete each level as far as you are able. This form can also be found online at:


or please click here

If after completing this audit tool you would like us to consider your school for one of the initial visits, we would be very pleased to hear from you.  We have also attached the National Plan for Music Education – The Importance of Music and a short helpful document titled ‘Making the Most of Music in Your School’.


Published: 09/12/2014
Audience: All Primary Headteacher
Contact: Debbie Bellwood

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