National Citizen Service in partnership with Bradford City in the Community

We are currently recruiting for our NCS that will be running next Summer during the 6 week break.

If you are 15-17 years old and live in England, The Football League Trust has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity available to you.

The NCS programme is a unique opportunity for 15-17 year olds, helping them build new and valuable skills for work and life, as well as increasing self confidence, working as a team, trying new things and visiting new places. 
Best of all, it's loads of fun, there are lots of new friends to be made, and at the end, participants feel challenged, more responsible, more confident and self aware.
This 4 week programme begins in the first week by going away on a residential this will include activities such as rip wire, mountain biking, canoeing etc. 
The second week, another, more local residential, where you will learn to cook and be independant, as well as going away on day trips to York and the coast, the last 2 weeks are social action weeks where you will try and raise money for a local charity or improve an area of the community. 
For more information please contact Ian Ormanroyd
Tel: 01274 706850
Mobile: 07990 542411
or visit  


Published: 05/12/2014
Audience: Head of Sixth Forms
Contact: Ian Ormondroyd

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