Signing for children with Down Syndrome Courses

We are pleased to offer the following courses on 'Signing for children with Down Syndrome'. If you are interested please see the details below of when, where and how to book!

Signing for children with Down syndrome

Session 1—Wednesday 14th January 2015

Session 2—Wednesday  21st January 2015

Time 9.30 until 11.30am

Session 1 will cover why we use signing with children with Down syndrome and the signs for  manners, animals, food, family and other people, and the alphabet.

Session 2  will cover signs for the home, school day, colours, descriptions, time/days, questions and connective/link words. Followed by discussion on how behaviour can be addressed through introducing signing.

Both sessions will include practice of useful phrases and

familiar children’s songs. A book “Signing and Down

syndrome”, covering the signs in this course is available for £7.

COST: £80

Clicker 6 - over two mornings

Wednesday 4th and 6th February 2015, 9.30 to 12.30.

Clicker 6 is a fantastic programme enabling users to build their own sentences, make talking books by recording their own voice, make word and picture banks for topics and much more.

The morning will introduce Clicker 6 and demonstrate its many features. It will include activities to help you create word banks, sentence building grids, talking books and picture/word/sound matching activities.

We have limited access to Clicker 6 at the Centre, however if you already have Clicker 6 loaded on a laptop we encourage you to bring it along. Please let us know when you book whether you are able to do so or not.

Cost: £100


feedback from last course:

· The children will be able to express themselves and communicate ideas with increasing independence.

· It has already had a noticeable impact on the child’s  engagement and quality of individual work.


Reading, Language Intervention for children with Down syndrome (RLI)

Friday 23rd and 30th January 2015. This training course is over 2 half days,  9.30 to 12.30pm. FULL

REPEATED Friday 27th February and 6th March 2015

The RLI programme. detailed in a teacher’s handbook and DVD developed and produced by Down Syndrome Education International, provides a systematic structured approach via daily activities that can be finely adapted to each child. The training days will cover the theory behind the programme, how to assess a child to find a starting point, how to monitor and record progress and how to deliver the daily intervention with examples from, and reference to, the teacher’s

handbook and DVD.

The RLI programme comprises of two strands of

intervention; a reading strand and a language strand. The aim of the RLI programme is to:

· Improve spoken language and literacy skills of children with Down syndrome.

· Improve teaching practice and support educators.

We have for a long time known reading is a strength for

children with Down syndrome but not all educators are aware of this or how to ensure the children reach their full reading


Cost:  £120 






Published: 05/12/2014
Audience: teachers, support staff, early years practitioners, speech and language therapists, educational psyc
Contact: wendy uttley

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