All Aboard - Improving outcomes for vulnerabe children in the EYFS

4 session Quality First Training Course 01/12/14, 9 – 11.30 12/01/15, 9 – 11.30 16/03/15, 9 – 11.30 06/07/15, 9 – 11.30 £300 for the 4 sessions. Two practitioners including a manager and a practitioner are included in the price. Apply via courses desk.

All Aboard specifically targets under-achieving children in the early years, aiming to improve outcomes.  It provides a model of enhanced early years provision which supports identified children’s learning, emotional and social needs.


Results from previous cohorts indicate that children taking part in All Aboard make greater progress in all areas of the Foundation Stage than children attending standard Early Years provision.  Children with English as an additional language were found to make particularly good progress.


This 4 session course will guide participants through the process of identifying, planning and implementing an All Aboard intervention in their own setting.


Intended outcomes for participants:

By the end of the course you will have:


Explored the nature of under-achievement in the Early Years;


Used the All Aboard structure to plan a tailor made intervention programme;


Delivered All Aboard in your setting;


Evaluated the impact of All Aboard.


*** Please note: It is recommended that a member of senior management attends the first session along with a member of the EYFS team, in order to discuss the implications of All Aboard. ***


Published: 04/11/2014
Audience: Foundation Stage managers / staff
Contact: Ruth Dennis

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