2014/15 Key Stage 2 School Predictions Submission Reminder

Thank you to the schools that have submitted the predicted performance of your Year 6 children in the 2014/15 end of Key Stage 2 tests by our deadline of Friday 24 October 2014. If your school has not already provided your predictions, please can you provide them now?

We are aware you are all committed to Bradford’s aspirations to raise educational attainment and the predictions are very useful to the Local Authority, the Bradford Primary Improvement Partnership and the Catholic Schools’ Partnership in understanding the performance of schools and for setting milestones for future improvement.

We are now asking for your support in providing predictions for the performance of your children in Year 6 in the 2014/15 tests.  We have listened to the feedback from headteachers and have made some minor changes to the data collection. The main change is to record the number of Year 6 children for which you have matched Key Stage 1 results, so that we can generate accurate progress predictions.

We would like you to predict, based on the number Year 6 children in your school, how many pupils will attain a level 4+ in reading, level 4+ in writing, level 4+ in maths and a level 4+ in combined reading, writing and maths. In addition we would like you to predict the number of pupils who will make expected progress (two levels progress) in reading, writing and maths, based on the number of pupils for which you have matched data. We are aware that the majority of Bradford’s schools undertake this activity as a regular part of pupil tracking and target setting.

The image below shows the information that we are asking you to provide:

Please only enter the numbers of children NOT PERCENTAGES. You can update the information as regularly as you like as your predictions might change over time. Please ensure that you press the ‘Submit’ button to ensure that the data for your school is saved each time you make an update.

You will notice that there is also an optional section for you to record the predicted performance of children who have been in your school for four years or more. This came out of discussions at the Headteacher meetings where colleagues raised the issue of high mobility and their desire to provide data for those pupils who have attended their school for at least four years.

Please provide your Key Stage 2 predictions using this form provided on Bradford Schools Online (BSO). The form can also be accessed after logging into Bradford Schools Online (Level 1 and 2 users only), by expanding the Utilities section and selecting the KS2 School Predictions option as highlighted below:

In order that we can get a picture of the likely performance of Bradford’s children for 2015 as soon as possible we would be grateful if you would submit your data by Friday 7 November 2014. As explained above you can update the predictions whenever you wish and we will ask you to review your predictions later in the academic year so that we maintain an up-to-date picture.

Thank you for your support on this matter. We look forward to receiving your predictions of your Year 6 children’s most likely performance in next year’s tests.


Published: 31/10/2014
Audience: All Headteachers with Key Stage 2 pupils
Contact: Jonny Trayer

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