Help Develop Bradford’s New Youth Offer

Bradford Council is creating a new youth offer for young people and we are seeking your help.

The Youth Offer is an offer of support and activities that aims to provide developmental, recreational, and early preventative help that will help young people (aged 13-19 or 11-25 with additional needs) improve their well being, and realise their potential and be positive and active members of society

It should:

  • Connect young people with their communities,
  • Offer young people positive social opportunities
  • Support personal and social development
  • Improve young people’s physical and mental health and emotional well-being;
  • Help those young people at risk of dropping out of learning
  • Raise young people’s aspirations, reduce risky behaviours

It includes youth work, and other services and activities that support young people in this way. It will be delivered by the council's services, such as the youth service and also by the Council's partners in the voluntary community and faith sector.

The Council has commissioned People Dialogue and Change to carry out a review of all activities and support for young people in Bradford and advise on the development of the youth offer. Young Lives Bradford are also supporting the review process. As part of this review PDC are seeking the views of young people, anyone working with young people, and any other interested parties, and there are range of ways people can tell us what they think.   In addition to this we are trying to identify and map all of the organisations that offer support and activities to young people in Bradford that fit within the Youth Offer.  Doing this will help build up a picture of what is on offer to young people currently and inform decisions about what sort of support and activity the young people of Bradford will need in the future


We are seeking the support of anyone working with young people, or interested in the youth offer to:

  • Support young people to take part in the consultation
  • Tell us your own/your organisation's views through the consultation
  • Tell us about what support and activities your organisation/service is currently offering to young people


Youth Offer Consultation: How to get involved

To support young people to take part in the consultation

  • Please promote the young people’s online questionnaire to any young people you are working with.
  • Please consider running a young people’s focus group with any young people you are working. These are particularly designed for young people who would not normally participate in an online survey, but any group can take part by following the instructions here.
  • A publicity poster can be downloaded here and any young person who participates in the survey can choose to be entered into into a prize draw for a £50 Love to Shop vouchers.

To tell us about the support and activities your organisation/service is offering to young people

  • If your organisation/service/project  offers activities and support to young people that fit within the youth offer please identify someone from your organisation/service/project to complete the provision audit

To give us your own/your organisation's views



For any queries or further information

To access any of the surveys and resources listed above or for more information please visit


Published: 03/10/2014
Audience: Everyone who works with young people aged 13-19 or 11-25 with additional needs
Contact: Dan Moxon

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