Digital Leader in the New Mathematics Curriculum (Primary) 3 Day Course

This is a three day Curriculum Innovation course which will lead to a 'Digital Leader in the New Mathematics Curriculum (Primary)' accreditation. It will be a blended learning course with online content to access and tasks to complete before and after each session. Day 1 - 15/10/14.

Each day will analyse a separate domain in the 2014 National Curriculum for Mathematics.  The first day will focus on number, the second on fractions and measurement and the third on statistics and algebra. Each day will involve hands on sessions discussing and evaluating how a range of technologies can be utilised effectively in schools including whiteboard software, cameras, visualisers, voting systems, tablet devices (specifically iPads), audio recording devices, QR codes, data loggers, 3D printers, geocaching and blogs. We will create 'how to' videos that model mathematical strategies and techniques to share with parents and carers and link them to resources such as working walls using QR codes. The measurement session will explore the potentials of Google Earth, Google Maps as well as creating digital Maths trails and using 3D drawing software to create, analyse and combine 3D shapes of specific dimensions to then print out using a 3D printer. The last day will involve using data loggers, spreadsheet modelling using formulae as well as creating and interpreting graphs. There will also be time over the three days to plan how the technologies we have covered can be integrated into each school’s Mathematics curriculum.

Each attendee will have access to online resources specifically created to accompany this course, they will also have gap tasks and the opportunity to feed back on the tasks and share advice with colleagues. There will be a final assessment that will lead to accreditation.

Note -  Day 2 - 11th February, Day 3 - 17th June

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Published: 02/10/2014
Audience: Maths Subject Leaders or Teachers with a specific interest in Maths
Contact: Sarah Hawkins

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