WAMG - Rarely Cover

WAMG - Rarely Cover

From 1 September 2009 Teachers and headteachers are expected to only rarely cover for their colleagues’ absence. The following documents explain what this means


Rarely cover - WAMG statement


Setting out the basis for implementation of “rarely cover” 


Rarely cover – WAMG LA letter


WAMG have written to Local Authorities (via the DCSF weekly email to DCSs) to inform them that the basis for implementation of “rarely cover” has been agreed and have attached the summary of changes  that will be made to the School Teachers'  Pay and Conditions Document  (STPCD)  (subject to consultation) to give effect to it (see below)


Rarely cover – STPCD document


Summary of changes to be made to the STPCD and accompanying Guidance


Rarely cover - implementation process guidance


The purpose of this guidance is to set out the process WAMG advise schools to follow to implement "rarely cover" from 1 September 2009. This guidance includes an Annex A:  Deployment of support staff in relation to moving to “rarely cover”


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