Training opportunities for designated teachers and school staff supporting children in care and previously looked after children





Other training courses

Attachment and trauma

Building the bonds of attachment – awakening love in traumatised children:

THE SCIENCE OF LOVE. CHANGING LIVES: THE NEUROSCIENCE OF CONNECTEDNESS, TRUST AND FEELING SAFE (2-day live stream event, UK time zone) with International Experts Dr Stephen Porges and Dr Sue Carter :

HELPING CHILDREN WITH BEREAVEMENT AND TRAUMATIC LOSS with Dr Margot Sunderland and Stacey Hart (live stream event, UK time zone): 


Previous webinars which are available to view – many are linked to trauma and attachment:

3 webinars on trauma informed practices in school and beyond: 

Trauma Circles: Workshopping Your Hard Cases - A Three Part Series:

Mentoring lives impacted by trauma, and the bridge to success:

Child victims of trafficking and modern slavery webinar:

Trauma Informed Teaching: Considerations and Resources for Student Support:

The rupture-repair cycle: with Dr Suzanne Zeedyk:


Trauma-Informed Yoga in Schools:

Supporting children and young people who internalise their distress:

'Hygge' Therapeutic Play Workshop Online:

Anxiety in Children:

Coping Skills Webinar: Healthy Expressions of Anger:

Trauma Informed Practices- Module 100, An Overview of Trauma:

Understanding the Impact of Vicarious Trauma in the Face of COVID-19:

Brain Story Certification - Learn the scientific underpinnings of the Brain Story from leading experts:

Video clips around the following themes: Navigating Issues with Behaviour, How to Enlist Help, The Science Behind Behaviour, Maturation & Motivation Demystified and The Power of a Growth Mindset:




Dr Dan Hughes in conversation with Dr Margot Sunderland:

You tube videos by Daniel Hughes



ACEs - Introduction to Adverse Childhood Experiences:

Understanding ACES in the Face of COVID-19:

ACEs training online:




Introduction to Dyscalculia (Free online CPD taster session):

Anxiety and the child with an autism diagnosis:

Autism and Early Years:

Responding to Challenging Behaviour:


Autism and Puberty:

Introduction to ADHD:

Autism in Primary Years:

Autistic Girls:

Autism in Secondary Years:

Emotion Regulation Skills for 6-8 year olds:

Understanding PDA webinar:

Autism, Anxiety and Meltdowns:

How to use emotion coaching with your children during COVID-19:

Executive Function and Challenging Behaviour: A New Approach and Mindful Emotion Regulation Strategies for Early Educators and the Children With Whom They Work, by Troy Byer :


Pathological Demand Avoidance:



Online training coming soon but the website has a wealth of resources and reading available currently :

FASD -Presenter: Dr. Jeff Wozniak of the University of Minnesota: - free

My brain, Me and FASD:


FASD Online Training Course:


Mental health

Mental Health Aware course:

Psychological Effect of Social Distancing and Quarantine on Children:

Supporting children and young people who self-harm:

Webinar for Educators: What Is Resilience and Why Does It Matter?:

BRAINCALM (Certified) Foundations 4 Live Webinar:


Website includes many useful resources and a wealth of information:


A useful video that explains how early experiences affect brain development and how this impacts on behaviour.


A thought-provoking TED talk about how children 'do well if they can'



Lockdown digital safeguarding for carers of secondary age children:

Hints and tips on how to strive, survive and thrive during the pandemic:

Lockdown digital safeguarding for carers of primary age children:

Introduction to Safeguarding - Online Session:

Compassion Fatigue and Self-Care in Fostering:



What to Expect - Returning to EY Settings :

The teenage brain: implications for behaviour and learning:

Coping Skills Webinar: Exploring & Managing Emotions:

Webinar: Children with Problematic Sexual behaviour:

Coming Back After COVID-19: Ways to Hold What Children Bring to School:

LGBT+ Awareness Training - Online session:






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