SEND Outcomes Framework

SEND Outcomes Framework

In May 2020, 54 families ranked and identified their top 8 Outcome Statements, which are going to be at the centre of all decisions that involve or impact families with SEND. During the months of June & July 2020, 57 professionals and parent/carers met with the Council for Disabled Children (CDC) and discussed these Outcomes. The 8 were whittled down to the 6 below.

In August & September 2020, the Council and a number of parent/carer groups worked together to gather further input from families and it was identified that the wording of the outcomes didn’t truly capture the voice of our children and young people. So in November our SEND Ambassadors met with the Youth In Mind (YIM) Apprentices to reword these outcomes.

The final 6 outcomes in their new and improved wording are below:

  • I am loved and cared for by those around me and supported if and when I need it
  • I feel supported and safe
  • I am confident and able to achieve my dreams
  • I am valued and accepted in society
  • My voice is heard and I’m able to live my life to the fullest
  • I try to remain positive and stay healthy

In February and March 2021, further workshops were faciliated by the CDC to look at how we embed these across Bradford. We will continue to update you as we fully launch the SEND Outcomes Framework over the coming weeks.

The SEND Outcomes Framework has been developed over the past year as part of our SEND Transformation programme. For further information on this, please visit our Local Offer page.

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