Safeguarding in Masajid, Madaaris and Supplementary Schools

Safeguarding in Masajid, Madaaris and Supplementary Schools

Bradford Council, along with the Council for Mosques, the Bradford Safeguarding Children Board (BSCB) and the NSPCC have taken a multi-agency approach to identifying ways in which children who attend Masajid and Madaaris are safe and secure.


The Safeguarding Report for Madaaris provides recommendations drawn from consultations with key organisations including the Council for Mosques, BSCB, NSPCC, West Yorkshire Police, Bradford City Centre Project and representatives from Masajid/Madaaris in Bradford and Keighley as well as parents and young people. 


A key outcome has been the development of a ‘toolkit’ for Madaaris, which is a document being progessed by the Council for Mosques, Bradford Council, BSCB and NSPCC.


The toolkit looks at areas where guidance is needed, including child protection policies, staff recruitment, reporting bad practice, recognising signs of child abuse, and health and safety at work regulations.


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