Resources to borrow

We have a variety of resources to borrow free of charge to Bradford District settings/Schools. Please contact us on 01274 439393 if we can help with any of the following:


 School information DVDs for families


New (2016) Education Today DVD - Information about schools for parents and carers in English, Slovak, Polish, Hungarian, Arabic & Urdu

This DVD (free to Bradford District Settings/Schools) was produced to give information about the education system in the Bradford District. it is designed for parents/carers to watch in their homes and for use by settings and schools. If you need a copy of this DVD then please contact 01274 439393.

DVD - Information about Early Years education for parents and carers

This DVD (free to Bradford District Settings/Schools) was produced to promote the importance of Early Years education. It is designed for parents to watch in their homes or for the use of settings and schools. It is available in English, Polish, Swahili, Urdu, Slovak, Russian and Hungarian. If you need a copy of this DVD or Early Years information please contact Jeanette on 01274 439393.


New to English resources

Rochdale Borough Council has produced three useful documents for working with families new to English - translations of quick feedback you may wish to make 'at the school gate' when an interpreter is not available, a parent survey and a guide to supporting parents to read in English with children.

Quick feedback for the school gate

Translations of parent survey

Guide to supporting parents to read in English with their children


If you are working with a New to English child or young person then the following downloads may be useful in helping you settle them into your setting. We have words and phrases in many different languages all common to the Bradford district.

Basic words and phrases in Bulgarian                                   Basic words and phrases in Czech 

Basic words and phrases in Greek                                         Basic words and phrases in Hungarian

Basic words and phrases in Lithuanian                                  Basic words and phrases in Polish

Basic words and phrases in Portuguese                                Basic words and phrases in Romanian

Basic words and phrases in Russian                                      Basic words and phrases in Slovakian Roma

Basic words and phrases in Slovakian                                   Basic words and phrases in Slovenian

Basic words and phrases in Spanish                                      Basic words and phrases in Swahili

The following booklets can be given to help children/young people who can read in their first language to help settle into your school/setting

Student booklet in Czech                                                       Student booklet in Hungarian

Student booklet in Polish                                                       Student booklet in Portuguese

Student booklet in Russian                                                    Student booklet in Slovakian

Student booklet in Spanish

For a free CD of Polish sound files of over 100 useful words please contact us on 01274 439393.


School calendar 2016-17

School calendarClick for an editable school calendar available in Czech, Slovak, Hungarian and Polish.

Further information and links

The BBC also have language pages - click on the links below.

BBC Slovak -
BBC Polish -
BBC Czech -
BBC Latvian -
BBC Lithuanian -
BBC Slovene -
BBC Russian -
BBC Romanian -

The British Council have resources for children who are new to English



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