GDPR - data protocols

GDPR - data protocols

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Data protection

On 25 May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) came into force.

These regulations enhance the current data protection regulations to ensure that we all have more control over the way that our data is used.

Our systems and processes remain compliant with new advice and best practice and we are in close contact with Evolution who created and control the ECT Manager system which we use for the administration of ECT progress.

As you will be aware, registration of the ECTs requires the Appropriate Body to collect personal data of the ECTs and the mentors and we wish to assure you that your privacy is extremely important to us and we continue to take our responsibilities about how we obtain, use and protect your personal data very seriously. On registering an ECT schools are required to agree to the use of their data in accordance with Statutory Guidance. This can involve sharing information with other Appropriate Bodies in order to obtain previous records and/or assessments, or to transfer ECTs from our Appropriate Body to another, but please be reassured we will never share your personal data with any other third party for marketing or any other purpose other than those prescribed in the Statutory Guidance.

We will use the email addresses in ECT Manager in order to send out important news messages to schools, mentors, ECTs, but we will not use this facility for marketing of any unrelated courses, events or activities.

Schools are urged to adopt a habit of "housekeeping" their own school's information which is held on ECT Manager and to delete any mentors who may no longer be at the school, or who no longer mentor any ECTs. However please bear in mind, once deleted a mentor's information will be considered "forgotten" and  should they take up the role once more their details will have to be inputted from new. All other data should also be reviewed in order to ensure that contact details, school information, changes of staff etc are always updated.

Evolution have created their own FAQ sheet which is available on ECT Manager with specific information about the data which they hold and how they manage it.



We are ensuring that the data we collect and store, in order to undertake our role as the Appropriate Body for ECT Induction, is compatible with GDPR regulations.

As a consequence of this we will no longer store historic records for longer than six years.

Every year we receive requests from schools asking to help trace records from years ago for teachers who have undertaken induction but whose Teaching Regulation Agency (formerly NCTL or GTC) records are showing as "induction not yet completed" or even in some cases "induction not yet started" or "Required to complete".

We have in the past been able to trace records back as far as 2001 in order to resolve this. This will prove to be much harder once records are deleted after six years.

Each year, schools should check that all current staff records on the TRA database (Employer Access database) are showing induction as a pass, or in the cases of ECTs "in process".

It should not be assumed that if the data was checked previously that it remains correct. We have encountered cases where the system has glitched and records appear to have changed.

All staff should, for peace of mind, be encouraged to use the Teacher Self Service Portal in order to download their induction pass certificate - they will need their Teacher Reference Number and date of birth in order to do this.

ECTs each receive an email urging them to do this once they pass, but other more established staff may not yet have done this.

With this certificate, any glitches can be easily proved and the database reset.

Our spreadsheets of registrations and passes and any hard copy assessment forms prior to 2014/2015 will soon be deleted and we urge all schools to pass this message on to all staff so that they can ensure their own records are accurate and secure.

Should you have any questions regarding data retention please contact

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