LSS Accessible Books

LSS Accessible Books

      otherwise, follow instructions below for requesting books.


How LSS Accessible books fit in with other providers 


There are many providers of books or other print materials in accessible formats. You can use the hyperlinks in the table below to go to the relevant websites. It is our intention to complement existing suppliers by filling the gaps in provision where possible.




Newspapers Magazines

Reading Schemes

Secondary GCSE Subject

Secondary Fiction

Secondary Non-Fiction

Primary Fiction

Primary Non -Fiction

Total Books

LSS Accessible Books      M B   M B   M B   100+
NBCS Customeyes £ M   M M M M M 2000+
Calibre Audio Books £          A A A 8000+
RNIB £ A     M A B M A B M A B M A B 33000+
Clear Vision         B B B B 3500+
The Seeing Ear         M A B M A B M A B M A B 2000+
Large Print Books £       M M M M 25000+
Listening Books £     A A A A A 4900+
Audio GO £        A A A A  
Kindle £ E A     E A E A E A E A 500000+














M = Modified Large Print

A = Audio Books

B = Braille

E = Digital Books

£ = Subscription or other payment required



 Learning Support Service are able to offer a small but expanding selection of books in digital format (Word, PDF, .txt etc) which can be used to give better access to reading materials for children who find it difficult to access standard books. 


For example, this could be a child or young person

  • with a visual impairment who needs text enlarging and modifying
  • with a physical difficulty who finds it difficult to turn the pages of a print copy
  • with dyslexia who would benefit from the support of screen reading on a PC

If you would like to take advantage of this service, follow the steps below 

This service is provided under and meets the terms of, the Copyright Licence Agency - Print Disability Licence and hence conforms with copyright law.

Can you help? If you can donate any old books, in any condition, that are on our Wish list, we will be able to offer them on our catalogue. We greatly appreciate your help



How books can be used 


The books available in the catalogue are for the use of a person with a print disability.

A print-disabled person is anyone for whom a visual, cognitive or physical disability hinders the ability to read print. This includes all visual impairments, dyslexia, and any physical disabilities that prevent the handling of a physical copy of a print publication.



 Examples of how books can be used...


Modified Large Print 

Children with a visual impairment will benefit from having books in a format to suit their individual needs. We can send the digital books to you in a range of formats. The default is 18pt Arial Bold with 1.5 line spacing.






Schools with Braille production resources can order the text in a format which allows them to produce Braille at a level tailored to suit the individual student.




Screen Readers 

You could use a PC or laptop with specialist software, such as 'Read & Write Gold' to read the text on the screen...


 Screen Reader



You could use software such as 'ClaroRead' to save the text as an MP3 sound file on to a portable device.

Of Mice and Men




For pupils with physical difficulties, you could use switches or the space bar to 'turn the page' using a book in pdf format. This allows the student to access the book independently. Open this example


and view in full screen by pressing CTL+L. Use the space bar to turn the page.



Enhanced print.

You could use the digital books as a basis for producing your own print resources in house using software such as Widgit-communicate in print or Clicker5.







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