NEW Baseline Assessment and Toolkit

NEW Baseline Assessment and Toolkit



What is the New Baseline Assessment?

The new baseline assessment has been designed to help teachers and SENCo's assess pupils with learning difficulties.  As well as focussing on key skills in Maths and English, it also helps identify possible underlying difficulties.  It is aligned with Pre-Key Stage and National Curriculum Standards up the Year 4.  It also takes into account basic functional skills, Best Endeavours and Blank levels

We have tried to include all the assessments you may need.  However, they are not designed to be used in their entirety.  The idea is that you can pick and choose the assessments which are relevant to your pupil.  Ideally, they should to be used in conjunction with your teacher assessments to help you identify what your pupil can do independently and plan next steps.

The Baseline Assessment and ToolKit can also be used to monitor progress, evaluate the impact of targeted intervention and support on-going next steps planning.



To get the best use out of the Baseline Assessment and Toolkit, we recommend that you attend our 2 half day training sessions which are part of the SENDCo Essentials (free to Bradford Schools)

Dates and Venues for 2020/21 TBC.


Records of Attainment

These documents summarise  standards expected from Pre Key Stage 1 up to Year 4.  They are designed to be used as working document to map your pupil’s progress.   We have included the standards up to Year 4 to accommodate both secondary and primary pupils. As with the assessment, we have separated the standards iinto distinct sections. We have provided assessments for each section and the relevant assessments are noted above each section.



Record of Attainment 



Record of Attainment


The Assessment Tools




Profiling Checkist

Literacy Assessments 



Language and Reading Comprehension

























Profiling Checklist

This is an initial assessment tool which allows you to unpick potential areas of difficulty your pupil may experience.   It is a helpful starting point to support your graduated response and to help you to decide which areas to assess.   In addition, it begins to highlight whether difficulties appear more specific or general in their nature. 


The Literacy Assessments

The literacy assessments cover basic key skills and are aligned to the Pre Key Stage and National Curriculum Standards.  To allow you to identify and focus on particular areas of need the assessments are separated into three sections: Language and Comprehension, Reading and Writing.



The Numeracy Assessments



Personalised Pupil Plan

This document is used to create an individual pupil plan.  It summarises your assessment findings into a concise and personal pupil profile, which highlights strengths and areas of difficulty, next steps and supportive strategies.


The Toolkit

To complement the baseline assessment, we have created a literacy toolkit (in a separate document).  The toolkit provides a range of strategies and short activities to target specific areas identified in your assessment.


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