Introduction to Leadership & Management

Introduction to Leadership & Management



There is growing evidence that the NLE programme is becoming an effective lever of school improvement. When accompanied by other changes that promote partnership working the NLE programme is showing how it is possible to harness the power and commitment of excellent school leaders to lead and improve the wider school system.



This section contains information about leadership development activities, publications and resources to suit the needs of leaders at different stages in their careers and in a wide range of contexts. It also contains resources relating to future leaders and developing leadership within and beyond schools.




NCLG's remit has been extended to include development opportunities for leaders of children's services. In partnership with the Association of Directors of Children's Services (ADCS) and a group of experienced directors of children's services (DCSs), the College has started to develop a leadership programme for directors of children's services and for aspirant directors of children's services, building on its successful provision for school and children's centre leaders.

In addition, the College has also been asked to:

Develop an executive leadership programme for the most experienced directors of children's services

  • Support succession planning and talent management strategies in children’s services at local level
  • Develop an accelerated leadership programme (fast stream) to enable talented potential leaders to move more rapidly into senior leadership
  • Ensure that NCLG is a college for senior leaders in children's services as well as for school and children's centre leaders

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