IMT School Data Team

IMT School Data Team

The Bradford Achievement Service have recently taken ownership of the Local Authority’s statutory duty of coordinating and supporting schools with completing termly school census and collection of a all keystages.

To ensure that Data Collections are done in an accurate and timely manner it is imperative that we work with schools to improve the standards of data quality. This will ensure that maximum funding is generated for schools, accurate contextual analysis is readily available and the burden on schools for data quality queries will be reduced.

My remit is to work with schools and colleagues within the LA improve the data that Bradford holds on its pupils in all schools.  I have now been in post for over a month which has allowed me to identify the areas that need urgent action. For further details please vist the Data Quality Issues Page.

Rebecca Troth - Data Collection Lead

My name is Rebecca Troth and I will be leading on the above areas.  Previously I worked at Calderdale LA in the Management Information Team Working directly in support of schools and school improvement for over 15 years.

Formerly Vice Chair of the governing body for my local Primary school. I was involved with several committees including Personnel, Pay and Performance and also served as Chair of the Finance and General Purpose Committee.

I feel this gives me a good insight into the challenges that schools face and my team and I would be happy to help schools with any queries they have regarding data and information management. 

Ceekay Schofield - Data Collection Officer 

My name is Ceekay Schofield. My main areas of work are to monitor the flow of data between schools and the Local Authority, as well as supporting schools with improving overall data quality.

I am focused and enthusiastic about improving data quality for our schools and the district.  I am looking forward to building strong and productive relationships with Bradford schools.

Previously, I worked in the Administration team for Bradford Achievement Service supporting the Primary team consultants and Lead Area Achievement Officers with SSMG meetings. Prior to this I worked with the Social Care team focusing on improving data on the most vulnerable children and young people in Bradford.  

Salma Iftakhar - Data Collection Officer

My name is Salma Iftakhar, I have worked as a Data Collection Officer for Bradford LEA for the past 8 years. Currently I work part time handling the flow of data between schools and the LEA as well as managing school holiday data, liaising with external associates to establish accuracy in children’s information.

Having previously worked for a large financial institution, I have attained profound knowledge and experience in the administration, collection and analysis of complex inflow of data between schools and other educational establishments.

My role primarily is to ensure data is efficient and that the quality of data  we hold is second to none. I am ardent in working with internal and external colleagues to make certain the information we store is confidential, up to date and readily available.

Simon Hardaker - Data Collection Officer

My name is Simon Hardaker, I have recently joined the IMT and looking forward to facing the challenges of making sure all the schools data is 100% accurate. I will be monitoring the flow of data between schools and the LA and hopefully this in time will improve.

I previously worked on the Courses Desk for over 10 years so I already have a great relationship with a lot of schools and hope to carry this on for many years.


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