Governor Forums Network

Governor Forums Network

Governor Forums and Network Sessions - free sessions

Governor Forums are timetabled termly  at Margaret McMillan Tower.

These termly sessions are focussed around topics requested by governors which reflect their current concerns. Governors and representatives from Bradford Council and other agencies provide information and share their experiences and instances of good practice.  Governors are then able to discuss any concerns they have and request further information or support.

The Forums are one of a number of fundamental ways that the Council works in partnership with governing boards and head teachers on school improvement. It is important that governing boards are represented.

Governor Forums are now open to all governors and not just representatives from each governing board but the School Governor Service asks that, if at all possible, governors reserve a place  visiting the Skills4Bradford website by calling 01274 439400 or by emailing so that resources can be provided for the number of governors attending each session.

Any queries to 


Autumn Term 2019 Governor Forum & Network events

Date: Monday 14 October 2019 6.30pm-8.30pm Margaret McMillan Tower

Finance presentation

Autumn Term Presentation

Autumn Term Minutes

Autumn Forum and Network Agenda

If anyone has a topic to consider for the Chairs’ Update or the next Network and Forum then please email to let us know.

Historical information: 

Summer 2019 Governor Forums  Cancelled

(as so close to the Opportunity Area Governor Conference on 18 June 2019)

Spring 2019 Governor Forum

Support papers- RSE briefing February2019

Support paper- Governor Forum Finance update March 2019

Support paper - Intentions and substance research findings - science Ofsted

Support paper- Draft guidance RSE Feb 2019


Autumn 2018 Governor Forums 

Summer 2018 Governor Forums

Spring 2018 Governor Forums






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