Governor Updates and Briefing Notes

Governor Updates and Briefing Notes

Governor Updates

The Governor  Updates  are produced  by the School Governor Service, partly to meet the statutory duty placed on the local authority to provide support for Governing Boards within their area, but mainly because the Service is committed to supporting schools in providing the best outcomes for the children within our District. The Council’s 2015-20 Plan priority for ‘A great start and good schools for all our children’ is reflected in this commitment by the School Governor Service.

The updates are now emailed directly to governors and clerks from the Skills4Bradford website as well as being posted here. Governors are, therefore, asked to ensure that they keep the school governor service up to date with any changes to their email addresses by emailing 

This is especially important for governors of schools which do not subscribe to the clerking service as not all clerks are updating the service with their new email addresses. 

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