Good Practice Resources for Schools and Parents

Good Practice Resources for Schools and Parents

Leaflets and Posters

"Every School Day Counts - Good Health = Good Attendance" leaflet

This leaflet is aimed at the familes of Primary School children

It gives advice on

  • Keeping children healthy
  • Deciding when children are not well enough to attend school
  • "What is Good Attendance? Is 90% good enough?"
  • Contact Details for Schools Nurses and the Education Safeguarding Team

The Good Health = Good Attendance is available to download here



'Going to School Some Think Bubbles' this leaflet encourages Primary School Children to think about what might happen when they miss school. It is designed to be either as a discussion tool in the classroom or for children to look at with their parents


'Trevor's Dilemma' and 'Samena's Nightmare' these leaflets are aimed at Secondary School students and looks at boredom and bullying as reasons for truancy. It uses a comicbook storyline to explain that missing school is not a solution


'Raise Your Child's Attendance - Raise Their Chances' - Multi Ligual Foyer Presentations

Download these DCSF presentations to use in School Reception areas or in PCSE lessons. The presentations are available in English, Slovakian, Polish and Czech

English - Boys

English - Girls

Polish - Boys

Polish - Girls

Slovakian - Boys

Slovakian - Girls

Czech - Boys

Czech - Girls

The DCSF School Attendance website contains other useful resources for both schools and parents and can be visted here


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