Mental Health Champions (MHC Core)

Mental Health Champions (MHC Core)

What is the Mental Health Champions (MHC) project? 

The MHC project aims to provide support for schools in dealing with children and young people with low to medium level mental health or emotional wellbeing difficulties.It is not intended to replace specialist support, but is a way that schools can access information and guidance for staff carrying out their day to day roles and responsibilities. 

All Bradford schools are expected to nominate one member of school staff to be their Mental Health Champion. At the Core level, Champions are asked to disseminate information provided  to their colleagues in school. Champions are not expected to provide any individual or specialist support to pupils, although many Champions do this as a part of their every day role, and the MHC project supports them in this. Champions wanting to access further training and support can access the MHC enhanced offer, MHC Plus (see below for link to details).

The project is managed and delivered by Bradford Educational Psychology Team, meaning that training and support is based on up to date research and evidence-based practice.

A description of the project and FAQs (e.g. expectations of schools and the MH Champions can be found in this presentation: MH Champs Powerpoint.

What do we offer at the MHC Core level? 

  • Termly webinars (i.e. 3 x 1.5 hours) offering key news and information regarding local and national initiatives and projects relevant to mental health/emotional wellbeing (mainly for CYP but may include some insight into staff and or/parent mental health/emotional wellbeing). We will also make links between Champions/your school and other organisations who offer support in this area via the webinars and through email and other communication.

  • N.B. we do not offer training at this level - schools who would like to access the free training from the MHC project would need to sign up to the enhanced MHC Plus offer

  • Termly parent/carer workshops offering information and training around common issues and concerns parents/carers have regarding their children’s mental health emotional wellbeing.

  • New for 2022-23: Termly training sessions on mental health and emotional wellbeing for school governors

  • Half-termly newsletters with relevant local and national information regarding mental health and emotional wellbeing.

  • Access to our websites for ideas and information.

Expectations of Champions:

  • Attendance at one webinar per term (approx. 1.5 hours each, organised by geographical area) where Champions will receive key news regarding local and national initiatives and projects. The expectation is that Champions would pass on relevant news and info etc to staff and SLT in school as appropriate

  • Being the key point of contact for us to send information and newsletters via email, again with the expectation that they would disseminate to colleagues as appropriate.

  • Promoting our termly parent/carer workshops within school (either directly to parents or via other members of staff who would pass on the information)

Expectations of Schools:

  • All Bradford schools are expected to nominate one member of school staff to be their Mental Health Champion.

  • Champions/representatives should be members of school staff, not members of other organisations working in school.

  • Only the nominated school Champion (or their representative in case of absence etc) should attend the sessions. Champions may 'job-share' the role, but only one Champion per school may attend individual meetings. (This includes not attending a repeated version of the same session on a different day).

There are no further expectations of schools or Champions, but individual schools may wish to develop their Champion's role in different ways, such as through our enhanced 'MHC Plus' offer, or in other ways that suit the school's circumstances. 

MHC Core Diary Dates

The Autumn MHC Core sessions are: 

  • Tues 4th October 9.30-11am
  • Tues 4th October 1.30-3pm
  • Thurs 6th October 9.30-11am
  • Thurs 6th October 1.30-3pm

The Spring MHC Core sessions are: 

  • Tues 17th January 9.30-11am
  • Tues 17th January 1.30-3pm
  • Thurs 19th January 9.30-11am
  • Thurs 19th January 1.30-3pm

The Summer MHC Core sessions are: 

  • Tues 9th May 9.30-11am
  • Tues 9th May 1.30-3pm
  • Thurs 11th May 9.30-11am
  • Thurs 11th May 1.30-3pm

All sessions are online, via Microsoft Teams.

We invite Champions to attend any one of the available of the sessions - we are not dividing the sessions in to geographical areas this term. 

Only the nominated Champion should attend - sessions are not open access to other members of school satff, although the Champion may nominate a representative to attend in their place if they are unable to make any of the 4 sessions offered.

Sessions may be cancelled if minimum numbers are not met and Champions booked on to those sessions will be offered one of the alternative dates.

Booking details: Please book via the Skills for Bradford Website: 

Please note that Champions will only receive email notifications and log in details for these sessions once a booking has been made and confirmed/checked out by the schools Skills for Bradford administrator.

Parent/Carer workshops:

Training workshops for parent and carers of young eople living in the Bradford area.

Parent/Carer Diary Dates

The Autumn parent workshops are: 

  • Tues 6th December 9.30-11am
  • Tues 6th December 1.00-2.30pm
  • Thurs 8th December 9.30-11am
  • Thurs 8th December 1.00-2.30pm

The Spring parent workshops are: 

  • Tues 28th March 9.30-11am
  • Tues 28th March 1.00-2.30pm
  • Wens 29th March 9.30-11am
  • Wens 29th March1.00-2.30pm

The Summer parent workshops are: 

  • Thurs 22nd June 9.30-11am
  • Thurs 22nd June 1.00-2.30pm
  • Fri 23rd June 9.30-11am
  • Fri 23rd June 1.00-2.30pm

Please note that these are group events and we are unable to offer any individual advice during or following these sessions

All sessions are online, via Microsoft Teams.

Sessions may be cancelled if minimum numbers are not met, and any parents/carers booked on to sessions that are cancelled will be offered an alternative.

Parents and carers are eligible if the child/young person (up to age 18) in their care lives in the Bradford area. The child or young person does not have to be currently attending school/college.

Please note, all sessions are for parents and carers only, not school staff or professionals unless they are attending in their capacity as parent of a young person living in Bradford.

Booking details: To book parents are asked to email Once a booking has been confirmed, log in details and passwords will be sent.

Governor Training

More information will be coming soon but we will be offering training for school Governors to understand mental health and emotional wellbeing issues in children and young people, and what schools can and should be doing to support this. 

Diary dates for Governor Training:

Autumn term:

  • Tues 29th November 9.30-11am
  • Tuesday 29th November 1.30-3pm

Spring term:

  • Tues 7th March 1.30-3pm
  • Wens 8th March 9.30-11

Summer term:

  • Thurs 25th May 9.30-11am
  • Thurs 25th May 1.30-3pm

Overview of other Mental Health Initiatives from the Educational Psychology Team

Bradford EP team are commissioned by Public Health to provide several projects under the 'Healthy Minds' umbrella. Although the MHC project does not oversee the other projects, we can signpost you to some basic information. For full details, please contact the relevant email inbox or Project Manager.  

MHC Plus: The enhanced offer from MHC  is for schools who want to develop their whole school offer around mental health, and are prepared to invest time in doing so. Champions wishing to upgrade from MHC Core to MHC Plus should first get agreement with the schools SLT to ensure they are able to commit to the expectation of being an MHC Plus school, e.g. completion of a School-Based Emotional Wellbeing Audit and implementation of an action plan as a result of the audit.

Project Manager: Sophie Davis

For details of this enhanced offer, please visit the dedicated web-page by clicking on the following link: MHC Plus

DfE Senior Mental Health Leads: Grant Funded and approved by the DfE, the Bradford version of this national course is for individuals at management level in schools. It is designed to help strengthen the school or college’s offer on mental health and wellbeing. There is a strong emphasis on psychological theory and practical aspects of managing change. It also provides information on evidence based whole school approaches.

Project Manager: Kay Tasker-Smith

For details of this enhanced offer, please visit the dedicated web-page by clicking on the following link: 

Dedicated email inbox for DfE Leads 

Bradford Healthy Minds Chartermark: Alongside improving outcomes for children, the Chartermark offers opportunity for Bradford schools to gain recognition for outstanding practice with regard to mental health and emotional wellbeing. with three awards being built into the process: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Project Manager: Kay Tasker-Smith

For details of this enhanced offer, please visit the dedicated web-page by clicking on the following link: 

Dedicated email inbox for the Chartermark:

Healthy Minds Wellbeing Initiatives Training: Access to staff training (plus follow up support for whole-school implementation) in 1 of 6* evidence-based interventions relating to MH/EW/SEMH:

  • Emotion coaching
  • Zones of Regulation
  • Mindfulness
  • Restorative Practice
  • Social skills
  • Resiliency

Schools must be signed up to one (or more) of the above 3 projects to access the intervention training. Schools can send their MH Champion or DfE Lead and one other member of staff.

*Conditions apply.

Project Managers: Sophie Davis and Claire Cooper-Jones.

For details pleas ask the member of the EP team linked to the project your schools is signed up to (MHC Plus, DfE Leads, or Chartermark).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) <<< hyperlink

MHC Newsletters

Find a link to our newsletters below:


General queries or to sign up your school to the project/register your Champion:

Please email:

Useful websites and resources:  The website for booking your place at network meetings.

Healthy Minds Intervention training and support Information document

Kooth: The online digital counselling service for 11 to 18 years olds commissioned by Bradford CCGs.

Qwell: The online digital counselling service for adults living in the Bradford area. 

Youth in Mind - a partnership of mental and emotional wellbeing services supporting children, young people and their families from conception to age 25 across Bradford District and Craven. Links to many different services and organisations in the area - really useful!

Youth in Mind Basic -

Youth in Mind  City -

Youth in Mind Plus -

Youth in Mind - Services Flyer - an overview of key Information about services on offer

The Healthy Minds website is the single point of access for all in Bradford and Craven to look after their minds. The website was created to bridge the gap between those looking for support and services struggling to reach and help the right people. Home to the Healthy Minds Wellbeing Assistant, Services Index and Wellbeing Resources and campaigns, is an easy to use website, opening the door to mental health and wellbeing support services, resources and information. 

Healthy Minds Service Directory - online directory of mental health services in Bradford (for children, young people and adults) 

Mind in Bradford - a local mental health charity covering Bradford, Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven.

First Response Crisis Service -  offers support 24 hours a day, seven days a week to people of all ages living in Bradford, Airedale, Wharfedale or Craven experiencing a mental health crisis. First Response’s  free phone number is: 0800 952 1181 Link to information on this resource for supporting children and young people with emotional regulation. Link to free online resources which explain the fight, flight, freeze and submit responses in user-friendly guides. A useful video that explains how early experiences affect brain development and how this impacts on behaviour. A thought-provoking TED talk about how children 'do well if they can'.

AGENDA: A young people's guide to making positive relationships matter ISBN: 978-1-908469-10-6  

AMIE guide: Resilience: Surviving and Thriving in Education. Peter Rushton and Jackie Christie.  practical guide that includes proven strategies for developing and maintaining resilience, and case studies that illustrate just how critical resilience is for staff and students


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