CASPA Percentile Graphs


CASPA graphs are for students at Range 2 or 3 of School Support and for students with a Statement or EHC Plan. These graphs show expected progress based on prior attinment within the Core Subjects.

Follow the link for each category of need:-

ASD, HI, MLD, MSI, PD, PMLD, SEBD, SLCN, SLD, SPLD, VI and Ignore Category of Need

All Bradford LA maintained schools are now licensed for the use of CASPA until 26th November 2017.



Any school requiring CASPA support should contact our CASPA support desk either by email to , by telephone on 01590 689590, or fax to 01590 689599. 


For schools wishing to create a new CASPA installation then full instructions on how to create their new installation (and the download link) will be found by clicking here.   To help schools make the best use of CASPA SGA systems suggest that during the installation, you accept the on-screen prompt to subscribe to SGA Systems email newsletter which contains hints and tips on the use of CASPA.  Also once the installation is complete you will find within CASPA's Help system a useful guidance note called 'Getting started with CASPA', and on SGA Systems website a set of 5 short introductory video clips specifically designed for new users.  These videos are freely available in the resource centre of the website by clicking here.


SGA Systems hope this provides you with all the information that you require, but if there are any further details you require then please do not hesitate to contact them. 





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