Buying Additional Services

Buying Additional Services


Educational Psychology Team Service Delivery 2021 - 22

We are now using Skills4Bradford to manage our traded services. Full details of how to make a booking can be found there.

Traded Services


As in previous years, Education Health and Care Assessment work carried out on behalf of the Local Authority will be funded centrally. The EPT will also provide targeted annual reviews for CYP with Education Health and Care Plans who are transitioning between phase and those who are particularly vulnerable.

You also have the option of purchasing Educational Psychology Team support for your school in blocks of time to meet your own specific needs and priorities. We offer a range of work aimed at promoting inclusion, psychological wellbeing and raising standards across the full range of age and abilities.

Bradford Educational Psychology Team will work with you to identify and support children and young people with special educational needs, disability and vulnerable learners in your setting. We will provide psychological consultation, assessment, interventions and advice that focus upon narrowing gaps in attainment, improving academic progress, promoting emotional wellbeing and supporting social inclusion. Bespoke interventions can be developed and delivered on a needs led basis.

Purchasing Additional Time

The following pricing guide will enable you to calculate the cost of any traded EP sessions you require.

A session is 3 hours. Any reports or additional activities linked to the piece of work must be costed in terms of sessions.

Your link psychologist will be able to guide you in relation to how much time a piece of work will take.

Annual Subscription 

Unit cost (per session)

Between1 and 18 x 3 hour sessions per year

£279 (£265 Early Bird)

Between 19 and 38 x 3 hour sessions a year

£268 (£255 Early Bird)

Over 39 x 3 hour sessions a year

£263 (£250 Early Bird)


Early Bird prices are available until 31st March 2021. After this full unit price will apply.

Making a Booking

Should you wish to purchase sessions from the EPT, please follow these steps to make your booking.

  1. Log into
  2. Select  Services /Pupil Focused / Educational Psychology
  3. Click on ‘Pre Booking 2021 -22 and specify the number of sessions you require
  4. Submit your request.

We will confirm your request at the beginning of the summer term 2021 at which point you will be invoiced for your sessions.

Ad Hoc bookings

A limited ad hoc service is available to purchase in year, from  01.09.21. Ad hoc sessions are charged at the pay-as-you-go rate of £286 per three hour session and are subject to availability. Please be aware that due to high demand, time available for ad hoc booking is very limited.



Based on bookings made before 31st August 2021, the following costs will apply:


Amount of time


Total number of sessions

1 day a week



(£19,000 Early Bird)


Half a day a week / one day a fortnight


(£9,690 Early Bird)


Half a day a fortnight



(£4770 Early Bird)


If you have any questions or queries please contact:


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