Bradford Behaviour Hub (formally Primary Behaviour Centres)

Bradford Behaviour Hub (formally Primary Behaviour Centres)

Due to the Covid 19 situation all referrals are suspended.

Please be aware that Panel will not be accepting referrals for a full 12 week placement after the Easter break 2020 as there will not be any off-site support places with Bradford Behaviour Hub from September 2020 part funded by the Local Authority. Shorter placements may be requested after Easter and the Hub will accommodate as possible. 

Contact: Karen Roper - Inclusion Officer (with responsibility for exclusions)


Tel: 01274 439333 

Bradford Behaviour Hub (formally Primary Behaviour Centres) incorporate four provisions attached to mainstream primary schools; Willow (Beckfoot Heaton Primary), Silver Birch (Long Lee Primary), Phoenix (Carrwood Primary) and Horizons (Holybrook Primary).

The offer of the Bradford Behaviour Hub is:

  • To provide for KS1 and KS2 pupils for whom full-time mainstream education is a challenge owing to emotional, behavioural or social difficulties
  • To offer full-time or part-time placements for children whilst on roll of a mainstream primary school.
  • To work in partnership with schools, parent/carers and other agencies such as Health, Social Services and City of Bradford MDC, in meeting the needs of the pupil.
  • To be part of a continuum of provision, re-integrating the pupil back into mainstream.
  • A good practice guidance can be found here.

The current conditions for a placement in Bradford Behaviour Hub are outlined in the school agreement which is returned by schools on acceptance of placement. This agreement will change on the 25th July 2018 to incorporate school agreement to the new funding arrangements from the 1st September 2018, of which details can be found here:



Referrals to the Bradford Behaviour Hub are made through the Primary Behaviour Panel please see the Primary Behaviour Panel page for more information.


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