Investors in Health success for Chellow Heights School

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Chellow Heights have been focusing on Obesity - Healthy Weight, Healthy Lives, Lifestyles - Healthy Lifestyles and Emotional - Healthy Minds as their three targets for Investors In Health; a status which they have now been awarded.

The school has developed good links with the school nursing team which has supported us in a variety of ways including:

  • Handwashing training
  • Healthy Eating Roadshow, and
  • Sun Safety programmes in school.

School has done a lot of work around 'Grow your own' and developing its school menus. School's Parent's Groups have done some cooking sessions and children have used products they have grown in their Food Technology lessons or given the produce to the kitchen to cook for dinners.

School has increased the amount of Physical Activity children access in addition to their PE lessons, including a ballet group (and a performance for parents) and sports coaches. Children across school have participated in Enterprise projects, including holding an Art Auction of their work, which raised over £200.

School is very excited to see all the work it is doing in school; growing and continuing to benefit both children and their families. 





Published: 25/05/2016
Audience: All
Contact: Chellow Heights

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