Religious Education in Bradford

The Bradford Locally Agreed Syllabus 2011 - 2016 is the RE syllabus which should be followed by all Bradford schools except academies, free schools and schools with a religious foundation, who may choose to follow the Bradford syllabus or one that meets the requirements for an agreed syllabus.

The Bradford Agreed Syllabus and supporting materials can be found on Bradford Schools Online:

Bradford Agreed Syllabus for RE

RE Support Materials

Bradford Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE), which includes members of faith communities, worked in close co-operation with the local authority and local teachers to ensure that the syllabus promotes a knowledge and understanding of the wide range of  religions and beliefs represented in the Bradford district and beyond.

A wide range of published materials are available to schools, some of which claim to be compatible with the Bradford Agreed Syllabus for RE. Some publishers suggest that their schemes of work meet the needs of a local authority syllabus when in fact they do not - this issue has been identified in a number of SACRE's.

If your school is considering purchasing such a scheme please check  that the content and approach does meet the requirements of the Bradford Agreed Syllabus.

The Bradford Agreed Syllabus for RE will be reviewed during the current academic year. SACRE will shortly be inviting schools to participate in this consultation.

Further advice and information is available from the advisory Teacher for Religious education:

01274 378403


Published: 09/03/2015
Audience: Headteachers and all RE teachers
Contact: Geraldine Cooper

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