P Scale Information

P Scale Information



Progression Guidance Booklet & Target Setting Resource

Recent Ofsted Guidance for Inspectors looking at SEN Provision in mainstream schools (Jan 2011) suggests that Sencos should consult the Progression Guidance Booklet 2010-2011  to assist with target setting for pupils operating at and below the lower levels of the National Curriculum assessment framework.

SEN Services recommend that Sencos first take a look at the Progression Guidance Target Setting Resource for a summary of the data in the Booklet and a practical means of gaining general progress measure for this small cohort of pupils. This Resource is referred to in the Booklet as the 'Raising Ambition Resource and is found at Appendix F.

For further information or more details please contact Malcolm Robinson; malcolm.robinson@bradford.gov.uk of the Learning Support Service 

Moderation Exercise in Bradford Schools 2009: Exemplars & Proformas

The process covered moderation within schools, between schools and within the Bradford district.  

There was an initial focus on the moderation of P Scale levels of attainment in the strands of Writing and Number.  These activities are directed at those pupils considered to be operating at levels P4 to P8.

A P Scale Moderation Guide has been produced which describes in detail the preparations that schools can make for this activity.                             

There are proforma documents for Writing and Number that can be downloaded and printed out as follows:-

English - Writing Maths – Number
Writing P4 Number P4
Writing P5 Number P5
Writing P6 Number P6
Writing P7    Number P7
Writing P8 Number P8

The above forms were explained at the training.  Further details and information can be provided by members of LSS Teams during their visits to schools.

The first P Level Moderation Conference took place at the Bankfield Hotel on the 26th June. Delegates attended from primary, secondary and special schools.   Samples of work at P Levels P4 to P8 from pupils in Year 2, Year 6 and Year 9 were scrutinised by moderating partners.

Pscale moderation examples:

Bill Turner, Fiona Macaulay and Malcolm Robinson made presentations and co-ordinated the decisions of the moderating partners.  Nicola Murray Head of the Administraion Team of the Learning Support Service and her colleague Lisa Duckett assisted in the many related tasks during the event. Lunch was provided in the Bankfield Restaurant at the end of the session.  Feedback on the morning - and the lunch ! - was positive and suggestions will be incorporated in future events.

The summary of moderation Excel file shows the outcomes of the morning and following a further scrutiny by the specialist teachers of the Learning Difficulties Team.

Those highlighted in light green were agreed on the day; those highlighted in dark green were agreed following input from the LD Team; those highlighted in amber are very closely agreed and those highlighted in red remain unmoderated.

Links to related documents discussed during the event are as follows:-

  1.  Using the P Scales Writing Proforma Exemplars Examples taken from the QCA 'Uing the P Scales' DVD
  2.  Using the P Scales Number Proforma Exemplars Examples taken from the QCA 'Using the P   Scales' DVD
  3.  P Scales Information Online Revised 2009 Links to various online documents
  4.  Assessing EAL at below NC Level 1 National guidance t assist with SEN/EAL issues
  5.  Pupils with EAL - Do they have SEN? Children's Services SEN/EAL guidance
  6.  Maths Number P4 to P8  The complete Number P Levels on a Bradford proforma
  7.  English P4 to P8 Criteria  The complete Writing P Levels on a Bradford proforma

The Bradford P Scales Moderation Portfolio

The process of distribution of the portfolio has begun. Delegates to the moderation day received a copy as did those new sencos attending the first day of their course at Future House in October. Further copies will be handed out at senco network meetings and at other events.

There are Sections for schools to add evidence of moderated work in English, Maths and Science with a further Section for Guidance and other related materials.

For further information contact SEN Services - Tel: 01274 385833.


The District Area Partnership has now launched their website promoting school improvement, workforce development and moderation of assessment. This is a new resource for moderating P levels for Bradford schools.



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