The Education Social Work Service - Changes

The Education Social Work Service - Changes


We wrote to you in July re: Children’s Services changes affecting Prevention and Early Help and Education Safeguarding

Many of you will be aware the Council are making changes to the way we provide services.

The outcome of the Prevention and Early help consultation concluded in February 2018 will result in changes to how Education Social Work, children’s centres and Targeted Early Help are provided by September/October 2018

A consultation summary can be found at:

Some services will still be delivered centrally:


  • The Early Help Gateway (including SEND Local Offer and Families Information Service) which will be a single point of contact for advice on Prevention and Early Help.
  • Education safeguarding, including intervention reviews, advice on allegations management, safeguarding curriculum support, and support for new communities inclusive of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities as well as asylum seekers and refugees.
  • Oversight of education, including children missing from education.
  • Specialist behaviour support and inclusion for children and young people with additional needs.
  • Short breaks for disabled children.
  • Intensive family support to prevent children coming into care.
  • Youth offending services.

Whilst a few services will continue to be provided centrally, most will be delivered by new family hubs in four areas. These will cover the following areas:

  • Keighley and Shipley.
  • Bradford East.
  • Bradford West.
  • Bradford South.

These family hub teams will be responsible for:

  • Early childhood development and school readiness.
  • Children’s centres for children under five and their families.
  • Targeted work with individual children and families (Families First and Stronger Families).
  • Parenting support through all age ranges (children aged from birth to 19 or 25 with a disability).
  • Family and maternal health and mental health.
  • Early education and free childcare.
  • Education attendance - this will include the basic statutory functions.
  • Providing positive activities for young people.
  • Health and wellbeing.
  • Diversity and cohesion.

Each of the four family hub teams will work closely with local schools and voluntary and community groups to support families and improve the lives of everyone in their area.

We will also change the way we commission health visiting, school nursing and oral health services. These will be joined up, and integrated with the four area based teams.

Changes to The Education Social Work Service

Under the new arrangements the Education Social Work Service will no longer exist as a standalone service. It will be replaced by a traded attendance team who work solely with schools that buy in their support.

Schools will therefore not have an allocated Education Social Worker or Education Welfare Officer, or time allocated as they have to date.

If schools wish to continue with the level of support previously received by the Education Social Work Service this will only be available as a traded offer.  This support aims to target Persistent Absence concerns and whole school attendance projects to provide families and school with support to improve attendance.  We also offer support around the prosecution process to ensure a successful outcome in court, when that route is the desired option. 

Follow the link below to download the Traded Services Support for Attendance (This was revised in March 2018):

Support can be purchased throughout the year.  If you have any questions or queries about the service provision, either now or during the school year, please do not hesitate to make contact:


Education Safeguarding

One of the outcomes from public consultation was the on-going commitment to support the needs of vulnerable pupils and education safeguarding.

We are pleased to announce certain functions and elements of this will feature in the revised Education Safeguarding structure. Please see safeguarding brochure which will be live shortly and the safeguarding structure on the link below.

Statutory functions will continue for Children Missing Education. Please see the information below Children Missing in Education


Children Missing Education  Please note - we no longer accept hand written referrals - All CME referrals must be typed and emailed to  The referral can be found here

The DfE consulted on proposed amendments to the Pupil Registration Regulations on improving identifying children missing education.  These changes came into effect from 1 September 2016.  Please refer to Bradford Schools Online Pro-forma, to ensure you are practicing in accordance to these requirements and reporting when taking pupils on/off school roll.


Attendance All attendance support for schools is now on a traded basis. For further information regarding support available please visit or email


Penalty Notices All leave of absence referrals relationg to holidays in term time ,should be sent securely to:


Attendance Prosecutions or Penalty Notices  All requests relating to attendance prosecutions or penalty notices should be sent securely to:


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