Education and Learning - Intervention

Education and Learning - Intervention

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Schools Causing Concern

Where early-stage monitoring and challenge do not result in rapid improvement in maintained schools the local authority will consider using its intervention powers.

As a precursor to these, and in the hope of averting them, the Deputy Director of Education and Learning will invite the head teacher and Chair of Governors to discuss the local authority’s concerns and intentions.

The local authority will issue a pre-formal warning notice where there is evidence to justify both the local authority’s concerns and the school’s reluctance or inability to address those concerns successfully within a reasonable time frame.

The local authority pre-formal warning notice is similar to a “warning notice” and will be given in writing to the governing body of the school and copied to the head teacher and diocesan authority where relevant. It will set out:

  • the matters on which the local authority’s concerns are based

  • the action which the governing body is required to take in order to address the concerns raised

  • the initial compliance period beginning with the day when the pre-formal warning notice is given and the timeframe which the governing body is to address the concerns set out in the pre-formal warning notice

  • the action the local authority will take if the governing body does not take the required action.

The local authority will raise any concerns about academy performance directly with the Regional Schools Commissioner.


Stage 1

  • LA works with the school to improve and sets out its concerns and intentions

Stage 2

  • LA issues a pre-warning notice to the Governing Body

  • Action Plan from Governing Body is required by the LA within 15 days.

  • Increased Achievement Officer time.

  • Focused intensive school to school support

Stage 3

  • School takes focused action to bring about rapid improvement

  • LA review to assess progress

Improvement secured

  • LA removes pre-formal warning notice

Stage 4

Improvement not secured –

  • Formal Warning Notice issued by LA to the Governing Body

  • Action plan from the Governing Body is required by the LA within 15 days

  • IEB or additional governors installed




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