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About us

Following a review and restructure of Specialist Teaching Support Services the new 0-25 SEND Inclusive Education Service has been operational from September 2018. The new service covers support for children, young people and young adults with SEND 0-25 years and has two teams, the high and low incidence teams.

Since its launch in the summer, the local authority has reviewed the SEND services traded offer.  This has resulted in the following changes:

  1. We will continue to trade our services around Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs (SEMH) unless there is specific reference in an EHCP to the Local Authority SEMH team which will not be traded and will form part of your subsidised core offer.

  2. For other areas of Special Educational Needs we will be providing schools with a subsidised allocation, i.e. at no charge to the school, from the 0-25 SEND Inclusive Education Service.

  3. For schools who have already previously bought packages of support you will be contacted by a member of the service to discuss if you would like to convert your package to meet the needs of pupils with SEMH needs, to explain the subsidised allocation and to discuss your needs. If you would like to discuss your existing traded package please ring Barbara Bartle on 01274 439500.

We will continue to offer traded services for schools and colleges and other organisations where the work is not statutory, for example, training, Post 16 support, where there is the capacity to do so. Please contact us for your requirements or go onto the Skills4Bradford website.


High Incidence Team

Our ambition is to continue to improve outcomes and life chances for all children and young people with SEN and disabilities (SEND) across Bradford. We need to:

  • Ensure there is early identification, early assessment and early intervention for children with SEND;
  • Make the most effective use of the outstanding practice and provision across the Bradford District;
  • Ensure continued use of our specialist knowledge, skills and expertise in meeting the need of children and young people with SEND.


Core Offer (the offer that schools will receive which is non-traded and subsidised) will include:

  • Support for pupils identified through the Educational Advice 1 notification process in early years.
  • A half termly hub offer further details attached
  • Individual Support for pupils on a pathway to an EHCP or with an EHCP

The High Incidence Team will continue to trade support around SEMH.

If your school has brought a traded package a member of the team will contact you to discuss conversion of this package to SEMH support, this may require the package that you have purchased from the LA to be amended to reflect your SEMH requirements


The following SEMH packages are available through Skills4 Bradford

 3 Star

 30 days (60 sessions)


 2 Star

 15 days (30 sessions)


 1 Star

 6 days (12 sessions)


 Pay as you go


 £100 per hour

 Each session is 3 hours
 Afternoon sessions will have some flexibility due to school closing times, this will be discussed with individual schools.

Contact Details


Name  Position  Contact Number  Email Address
 Ronnie Hartley  Head of High Indicence Team  01274 439496
 Sara Burgess  Lead Specialist Teacher
 Contact for SEMH and Early Years
 01274 439338
 Fiona Whitaker  Lead Specialist Teacher
 Contact for Cognition and Learning and Autism
 01274 439506
 Janine Wood  Head of Portage  01274 439500
 Kath Tate  Lead Officer for PVIs, Early Years Inclusion Access Panel, Specialist  
 01274 431700
   Admin  01274 439500


Specialist teachers are available for face to face appointments at locations around the locality for mainstream school staff.

You can book a to discuss ANY child at the hubs and the appointments are 30 mins each.

We have dedicated hubs for Early Years pupils, PVI settings and Secondary age pupils.


Keep up to date with the current locations and times to book by following this link

0-25 SEND Hub booking portal

How to request support from the High Incidence Team

Individual Pupil Support:

Referrals for Early Years

To access Specialist Early Years Teacher and Practitioner support please complete the Early Years Request Form for referrals for children 0-5; Early Years Inclusion Panel; Access to assessment places in Early Years Hubs and Learn and Play (Early Years Autism provision). This is also the form used by health to notify the Local authority that the child may have SEND, known as an Educational Advice 1 Notification (EA1)

Referrals for Autism and Cognition and Learning.

Access to support for pupils will be part of your school’s core offer.  Priority will be given to pupils at Range 4 or pupils on a pathway to an Educational Health Care Plan Assessment.  To request support, please complete the Individual Pupil Referral Form below and forward it to:

Referrals for Social, Emotional and Mental Health Support

Access to support for individual pupils can be accessed through a traded package.   Once your school has purchased a package you can request support by completing the Individual Pupil Referral Form below and forwarding it to:

Referral Forms:

Early Years Request Form

Individual Pupil Referral Form

Training/Bespoke School Support Request


Processing Referrals

Referrals are allocated fortnightly on a Monday.  From the point of receiving your referral the service will contact you within 15 working days.


School-Based Training

All of our training is traded. To purchase school-based training you can either use sessions from your SEMH (SEMH training only) or buy stand-alone training.  The costing structure is as follows:



 No of Sessions

 Up to 20 people

 For 20 to 30 people

 Twilight (up to 2 hours)         




 Half Day (up to 3 hours)       




 Full Day (up to 6 hours)        




 For bespoke training

 Twilight (up to 2 hours)   




 Half Day (up to 3 hours)  




 Full Day (up to 6 hours)   













For the list of school based-training we offer please follow the link below:

High Incidence Team School-Based Training

To request training please complete the Training/Bespoke School Support Request


Central Training

We all have a range of central training that can be accessed through the Skills4Bradford Website.


Exam Access Assessments

Secondary schools can request qualified specialist teachers to carry out exam access assessments.

Assessments will include:

  • Individual or group assessments.
  • Completion of Section C, Form 8.
  • Brief summary of findings with recommendations

Cost are as follows:

  • 8 plus pupils: £60.00 per pupil
  • Less than 8 pupil: £90.00 per pupil

Please use the form below to request exam access assessments and forward to the (ensure you include your purchase order number).

Exam Access Assessment Request Form

From the point of receiving your referral the service will contact you within 10 working days.


Frequently asked Questions regarding traded and subsidised offer

Q. What if we've already bought a package?

A. You will be offered the opportunity to convert your time to SEMH traded work. There will be the opportunity to revise the traded package that you have purchased, reducing to a smaller package if required. You will be reimbursed if you want to convert to a smaller package


Q. Can we have a complete refund or partial refund if we want to reduce our package?

A. If you no longer wish to purchase a package you can have a refund for any sessions which you have not used.


Q. Can we purchase top up hours from the other teams?

A. There will be a school subsidised offer of support for pupils at Range 3+ and 4, also there are some sessions available to support new EHCA’s, for complex cases and cases going to mediation and tribunal. The LA will also be traded post 16 and training. There is no additional capacity to purchase top up hours in addition to this.


Q. What is the offer around EHCPs?

A. The school will receive an allocation which is to be used in the first instance to support pupils with an EHCP particularly where there is specific mention of a named specialist teaching team.


Q. Is the offer for EHCPs different when it is in regard to SEMH?

A. If there is specific mention in the EHCP to the SEMH team for example in Section F Educational Provision to be provided by the LA SEMH Team then this would not be traded. Anything else regarding SEMH will be traded.


Q. Do we pay for attendance to EHCP reviews or JAMs?

A. If the pupil has SEMH and the school would like attendance of an SEMH specialist at the review and there is no specific mention of this service in the EHCP then attendance of an SEMH specialist would form part of the traded offer. For all other pupils this would need to form part of the school subsidised offer.

A. There is an allocation of time for contribution to new assessments.


Q. How do we refer to the service and is it the same for traded/non-traded?

A. New referral forms can be found on Bradford Schools Online.


Q.What happens if we use all the allocation yet have a pupil who requires further assessment?

 A. Contact the service there may be some flexibility to offer additional sessions, however, this cannot be guaranteed.


Q. Does a pupil require a diagnosis of AS to have input from an AS specialist?

A. The LA is currently developing a pre, post and no diagnosis pathway for pupils presenting with communication and interaction needs, some of which will receive an AS diagnosis. In the interim an appropriate professional will be allocated based on presenting need.


Q. Is attendance at a hub part of the subsidised offer for everyone?

A. The hub appointments are only 30 mins so on a trial basis for this academic year they will be subsidised for all areas of need including SEMH.


Q. Can schools opt to keep their traded package and use it for the other teams as planned?

A. This unfortunately is not an option, however work that has been agreed for this next half term will be honoured and will not form part of the schools allocation.


Q. What happens if we buy SEMH support and they say we need a full learning assessment but we have no hours left?

A. Please contact the service as there may be some flexibility to support this, however, this cannot be guaranteed.


Q. Can we buy in Exam Access support from the C&L team or does this have to be part of allocated sessions?

 A. Exam Access will be available to purchase, this does not  form part of your school allocation.


Q. If we buy a package does it need to be used in this academic year, or can we carry forward any hours that we do not use into the next academic year?

A. The package needs to be used in the current academic year.

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