Education Safeguarding Team

Education Safeguarding Team

The following service areas sit within the Education Safeguarding  Team:  Attendance & Prosecution Team;  Access Team previously known as Education Service for New Communities and Travellers; Elective Home Education; Allegations Management, Ofsted / DfE / Parental complaints.

A breakdown of the functions and support available in service areas is detailed below:


Managing Allegations

When a school has information or a concern which suggests that an adult volunteering, or working with, or on behalf of children, has;

  • Behaved in a way that has harmed, or may have harmed a child
  • Possibly committed a criminal offence against, or related to a child or
  • Behaved towards a child or children in a way that indicates they may pose a risk of harm to children.

The Headteacher or another member of school management should contact  01274 435600 and ask to be put through to  the Safeguarding Duty Co-ordinator or Duty LADO, if neither are available ask to be put through to Safeguarding Admin.

A LADO Referral Form may then need to be submitted, which can be found on the Bradford Safeguarding Children Board's website, and sent to Education Safeguardings Teams attention by protected email.

Completed LADO referral forms should be sent secured via Galaxkey to or if you have a secure e-mail (for example gsi or gcsx) send the referral form to

If you do not have Galaxkey or a secure e-mail please contact the Safeguarding Unit and we will advise how the referral should be sent.

If you need advice on a referral or are unsure if it meets the above 3 criteria then please contact Education Safeguarding Officers based  in the  Education Safeguarding Team on 01274 437043.

Further information on Allegations Management and Safer Recruitment can be found on the Bradford Safeguarding Children Board website here



Ofsted / DfE / Parental complaints

Parental concerns / complaints are often sent directly to Ofsted / DfE. These are then sent back to the Education Safeguarding team to investigate and respond to. See Ofsted Safeguarding Complaints Flowchart for more detail on this process.

Parents wishing to log a complaint must initially follow the school’s complaint’s process if they feel unsatisfied with how a school has handled a certain incident or situation. If a parent is further dissatisfied after exhausting this process, details of their safeguarding complaint maybe sent in writing to

If a parent is concerned for the immediate safety and welfare of a child, these concerns should be reported to the relevant agency – CSC /Police etc.



Attendance & Prosecution Team

The attendance team acts on behalf of Bradford Children's Services in enforcing a parent's duty to ensure regular school attendance; it also discharges the authority's responsibility to monitor child employment and is responsible for the issuing of Child Employment Permits and Entertainment Licences for school age children.

Education Welfare Officers (EWOs);  work closely with schools and families to resolve issues of poor school attendance. They support children and families when pupils are experiencing difficulties in school or welfare issues are disrupting a child's education. The service also provides support and advice to schools in developing strategies to improve pupil attendance.

Support available from this service


Access Team

Access team support families from Central and Eastern Europe, Refugees, Asylum Seeker ,Traveller backgrounds and vulnerable families  with access to education. The service supports and signposts its client group, taking into account the wider family support needs; including SEN, Benefits, and Early Help. Specialist staff in the team advocate on behalf of families who are experiencing barriers in accessing appropriate education settings.

Support available from this service


Elective Home Education

This specialist team maintain the register of Electively Home Educated Pupil, provide advice and guidance to schools and families in respect of Elective Home Education, and undertake informal enquiries with regards to the suitability of education provision for Electively Home Educated pupils.

Support and guidance available from this team


Safeguarding Curriculum Officer (SCO)

SCO takes responsibility for promoting equality, diversity and community cohesion through education to lead peer education projects that tackle prejudice, discrimination and extremism, offer support to schools around PHSE and RSE including staff training, and act as clerk to Bradford SACRE.

Support available from the service





Useful contacts:

Strategic Lead for Education Safeguarding:  Alina Tai 01274 439384

Education Safeguarding Lead Officer: Danielle Wilson 01274 439393

Education Safeguarding Attendance Lead: Waheeda Shah 01274 439684

Education Prosecution Lead: Lindsey Fallon 01274 439667


Education Safeguarding Officer :Salim Akhtar 01274 4 39378

Education Safeguarding Officer: Kate Hopton 01274 439394

Education Safeguarding Officer:Maryam Shaheen 01274 435674

Education Safeguarding Officer:  Jasdeep Kaushal 439389

Education Curriculum Officer: Jenny Fox     01274 437514

Education Access Leader : Rashida Hussain 01274 439674



Local Authority Dedicated Officer (LADO): 01274 435600

Children's Social Care Initial Contact Point: 01274 437500

Children's Social Care Emergency Duty Team: 01274 431010

Education Safeguarding Team: 01274 437043

Access Team: 01274 439393

Attendence & Prosecution Team: 01274 439651

Elective Home Education: 01274 437043

Diversity and Cohesion Team

Virtual School(from 01.10.18)

Allegations Management Advice

Access Team


Supplementary School Support

Javed Bashir

01274 439385

Head Teacher

Ken Poucher

01274 9623

OFSTED/HMI complaints

Alina Tai & Danielle Wilson

01274 437043


Rashida Hussain (interim)

01274 439393

Attendance of vulnerable groups

01274 439651


Jenny Fox

01274 437514

Deputy Head Teacher Rita Kumar 01274 9639

Section 175

Education Safeguarding

01274 437043

New arrivals

01274 439393

Penalty Notices

01274 439651

British Values

Jenny Fox

01274 437514

LAC Teacher

Caroline Dolan

01274 434612

Parental complaints

Education Safeguarding 01274 437043/ Alina Tai 01274 439384


Melissa Lalor/Tracy Lennie

01274 439393


01274 439651


Danielle King

01274 437770

Specialist Teacher

John Whittock

01274 438769

Allegations Advice

Education Safeguarding Team on 01274 437043

Access into School

Amy Petschak&Rashida Hussain

01274 439393


01274 439651


Louise Coates-Black

Specialist Teacher

01274 434599



New to English

Jasdeep Kaushal 01274 439393


01274 439651


Admin officer

Yvett Green

01274 438771


Elective Home Education

Kate Hopton

Jasdeep Kaushal

Salim Akhtar

Maryam Shaheen

01274 439340








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