Who are we? 

The Low Incidende Team and Sensory Service comprises teams of specialist teachers, specialist support staff, technical support and early years' practitioners who support children and young people with sensory impairments and their families and children who have physical and medical needs.

What do we do?

The Low Incidence and Sensory Service provides a teaching, assessment, advice, support and training service for children and families from birth to transition to Post 16 / FE / HE or the world of work. Where young people have an Education, Health and Care Plan they may be supported to the age of 25, if they continue to access appropriate courses. Children and young people (CYP) will have a diagnosed hearing or vision impairment and may have additional and complex needs or a multi-sensory impairment or physical and medical needs.

The service has an open referral system.

All teachers working with CYP with sensory impairment are required to attain a mandatory, specialist qualification in deafness, vision or multi-sensory impairment, and all staff have additional qualifications and experience in their specialist field, eg: audiology, habilitation and enhanced training as an early years practitioner or technical adviser, or as a specialist teacher for physical/medical needs.

The Service comprises:

  • Outreach and support teams, working across Bradford in homes, early years’ settings, mainstream and special schools, in partnership with Health and Social care and other professionals.  Please click on the links below for specific information about each team and the services they offer.
  • Specialist provision in Additional Resourced Centres (ARCs) for children and young people who are deaf and hearing impaired (HI) or who have severe vision impairment (VI). ARCs are sited at Girlington and Swain House primary schools (Primary HI), Grove House primary school (Primary VI) and Hanson which has both HI and VI secondary pupils.  Please click on the links below for information about each ARC.

The Service works to national DfE Quality Standards for sensory impairment which provide a framework for excellence.

The Vision Impairment Team achieved a regional VI Quality Mark in 2016 for achievements against the VI Quality Standards.

The Support Team for Deaf Children work in partnership with Health to respond to the NHS Newborn Hearing Screening Programme (NHSP) and all teams in the Service work to national NatSIP (National Sensory Impairment Partnership) guidance and criteria.

Who is it for?

The Service supports children and families at home,  in early years' settings and in all schools across Bradford. They also work with a range of staff in settings and schools and in Post 16 provisions.

How can I find out more?

Head of Service:

     Anne Lomas


     01274 439266

General Enquiries:

     Farakh Iqbal


     01274 439254



For information on the courses we curently have on offer CLICK HERE!

We can also offer bespoke and invidiual training, if you would like to discuss further, please get in touch.


The VI team recently won the RNIB Vision Pioneer Awards 2017.  This is a fantastic acheivement and well deserved.  The judges said:

"This collaborative service strives to address the multiple and ever-changing visual needs of children as they mature and progress through the education system.  The comprehensive service is a wonderful showcase of partnership between all disciplines involved in the empowerment of visually impaired children."

Sonia George, Consultant Paediatric Ophthalmologist and Ophthalmic Surgeon

"The Bradford Sensory Service Vision Impairment Team has a clear direction to maximise the learning capacity of young people with vision impairment.  I was impressed that its efforts are so well received by its clients that ex-pupils volunteer to return to the scheme to act as mentors to their younger peers" 

Professor Stephen Vernon, Professor of Ophthalmology at the Royal College of Ophthalmologists


Bradford Council SEND Local Offer

To find out more about Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) in the Bradford district, please refer to our Local Offer website where you can find information, advice, services and activities all in one place which can be found at https://localoffer.bradford.gov.uk/ alternatively if you would like a copy of the Local Offer pocket booklet please call Families Information Service on 01274 01274 434905.


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