Funded Provider Guidance

Funded Provider Guidance

This page is intended for maintained and academy primary schools with nurseries, maintained nursery schools, independent schools, day nurseries, pre-schools, childminders, childcare on domestic premises and out of school providers who currently offer funded places, or for providers who are wanting to offer funded places.  It contains useful information, up to date news and documents to assist you with the delivery of funded places.

New Providers

The government gives funding to each local authority to pay for free funded hours for parents. The local authority pays you as a funded provider. As a provider you have to claim this funding from the local authority.  

If you are considering offering any type of funded place you need to apply to the local authority to do this. Your application will be checked to ensure you are a legitimate business and you do not owe the council any monies.  You will then be invited to two information sessions which will show you how funding works and talks through some of your responsibilities and about the claiming and funding process.

We have produced a brief guidance that explains about being a provider. NEW FUNDED PROVIDER GUIDANCE

After reading this guidance document and you want to apply to be a funded provider please e-mail : for an application form.



This is the first part of the early years funding  training for new providers which details the legislation and terms and conditions of being a funded provider and how this can be delivered.

New Funded Provider Session 1

The Statutory Guidance and Model Provider Agreement were published on the 3rd March 2017

These are the documents that guide local authorities on fulfilling their duties under the Childcare Act 2016.

They provide guidance which applies to the free entitlement for two, three and four year olds, both the universal entitlement of 15 hours and the extended entitlement of 30 hours for working families.

Bradford Council will now begin work on the impact of these changes and any requirements to amend current documentation and processes.

Statutory guidance

Early Years Entitlements: Operational guidance

The DFE Operational Guidance on expectations about how the free entitlements should be delivered for local authorities and providers is now available.

This operational guidance is to help local authorities and providers understand in more detail the Department of Education’s expectations about how the free entitlements should be delivered.

This guidance seeks to assist local authorities and providers through case studies of how the free entitlements are being delivered, and supports greater consistency across the country by making clear:

• what local authorities should do to fulfil their statutory responsibilities

• what providers should do to fulfil their agreement with the local authority

• what local authorities and providers may wish to do to support parents and children

Anyone who is delivering funded places should read this alongside the Statutory Guidance

Operational Guidance 2017


Parent Agreement 

This form is a template produced by Bradford Council Early Years Service for use by all early yeas funded providers registering children ages 2,3 and 4 years for thier funded entitlement hours 

This form is to be used with parents alongside any agreements, enrolement or contracts you have in place and not to replace these.



Monitoring Attendance

Once a parent starts accessing a funded place it is really importanct that attendance of the child is monitored. Here is a guidance on how you can do this and what steps you should take if a child's attendance is reduced and you have not had an explanation from the parent.

Monitoring Attendance

We urge you to read the documents, and we welcome your questions and comments via this email address


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