Childminding in Bradford

Childminding in Bradford

Registered childminders are childcare professionals working in their own homes to provide care and education for other people's children in a family setting. They have to be inspected and registered by Ofsted. They offer a home-from-home childcare setting, looking after small groups of children of different ages and from different families from their own home.

Childminding is a dynamic and evolving career. Registered childminders are usually self-employed and run their own business. Many go on to expand their business and employ childminding assistants so they can care for more children at once.

Registering as a childminder in Bradford 

In Bradford we run regular information sessions for people who are interested in setting up a childcare business. This covers what it means to be a childminder and what the registration process is and what support is available from the local authority and other national support networks. 

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Is Setting up childminding for you?
This outlines the key areas you must consider when thinking about setting up childcare. All sections are important and are here to help you make an informed choice of the risks and regulations when setting up a new childcare business. Please read this and use the market research tool and the checklist to assist you through the process

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